To be recognized amongst the leading organizations in implementing effective Rewards and Benefits programs across the world in each of our Businesses

Enablers for opportunities
to be rewarded and recognized:
  • Annual Compensation Review is a process that is standardized with defined internal governance ensuring fairness, equity, and parity across the group
  • Performance Differentiation aligns 'performance continuum' to 'pay continuum' which implies that a consistent top performer is positioned at the higher side of the pay range for a particular level
  • Sector Benchmarking ensures that rewards are sector and geography driven, through specific market benchmarking studies being conducted once in 2 years
  • Peer Benchmarking facilitates benchmarking similar skill sets across sectors or functions to ensure parity and consistency
  • Compensation Budgeting facilitates defining of annual compensation budgets, after planning for manpower, market movement on salaries, business growth, attrition analysis, among others
  • Analytics such as compensation cost ratios and Rol on employment costs at business and Group level ensure competitiveness and affordability by aligning costs to business results. Sector peer group analysis on economic parameters provides insights on sector competitiveness and sets ideal ratio for the business
  • Variable Pay is a sector-aligned team incentive that is integrated with elements of individual performance
  • Long Term Incentive Plan Incentive Plan enables building of strategic alignments between business growth and individual rewards
  • Deferred Compensation Program is offered to high potential and high performing middle management to distinguish them from their peers. The program runs over 3-4 years thereby enabling retention of key talent in the businesses
  • Retiral programs are designed to honor continuity of service across businesses and help support talent mobility. These include Provident Fund, Superannuation, Gratuity and Leave Encashment
  • Nishchint a unique 'Death in Service' contributory term insurance benefit plan, provides monetary relief to the families of employees (in India) in the event of his/her death while in service and on separation (in case of serious illness or disability)
  • Medical, personal accident and hospitalisation insurance is offered to all employees, fulfiling the Group's efforts to extend benefits that touch the lives of employees and their families. Beyond these, there are policies and programs that are focused towards asset building and future security for employees, by offering assets on retirement at lower price
  • Aditya Birla Awards for Outstanding Achievement, an annual event that honors both individuals and teams, is the highest Ievel of recognition at the Group level
  • PRIDE (Performance Recognition in Delivering Excellence) is a business-level monetary recognition program for employees who excel in delivering business critical projects or assignments
  • Unit Level / Business Level Recognition Programs recognise individual and team achievements at the business level. Eg. ABFSG Day (Aditya Birla Financial Services Group) & Galaxy (UltraTech Cement Ltd.)
  • Appreciation cards are used to spontaneously recognise and appreciate the good work done by peers and teams at all of the Aditya Birla Group offices.

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