Updated: April 26, 2022
Location: Jharkhand, India
Organization: Financial Services

Job Description:

Key Result Areas: Write the key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)

Key Result Areas  

Supporting Actions


Supporting Actions

To Assess and conduct detailed credit analysis & evaluation of lending proposals for approval / decision at the local level or further recommendation for approval/ decision at the Regional / National / Credit Committee levels

  • To scrutinize the credit  proposals by analyzing the client creditworthiness, business strength, market credibility, Financial statements, Income Tax returns, cash flow statements, repayment track record, average bank balance & adherence to other internal credit norms  


  • To perform direct and thorough investigation and obtain relevant credit information through personal interaction with customer.


  • To undertake detailed external research and market feedback including banker, Suppliers, customers on the loan proposal and evaluate the proposal in accordance


  • To interact with the Legal and Technical agencies to ensure that property risk have been understood and mitigated.


  • To submit Credit Appraisal Memo to the Sr. Credit Analyst / Regional Credit Manager for each proposal highlighting the key risks associated with the borrower to enable a prudent credit lending decision.


  • Ensuring no loss of revenue – by issuing proper sanction letter as per approvals are being issued, capturing the right deviation while assessing the case


  • To ensure document execution from RMs & the handover of complete documentation to MOG for disbursement of loans.Ensuring proper BIL/PL/STSL/STUL is created in favour of ABFL. Ensuring the underlying security BIL/PL/STSL/STUL is marketable and having a clear title.

To monitor the existing portfolios based on designed formats and parameters

  • To monitor the  BIL/PL/STSL/STUL  portfolio performance by continual analysis of changes in fundamentals & reviewing the ratings change, analyze covenants for deviations and evaluate industry performance norms in that sector


  • To monitor the overdue position and take appropriate steps to support the recovery process for the same.


  • Follow up for the pending OTC and PDD documents for the location, Critical review of the pending documents.
  • Monitoring and keeping an eye on loans by tracking various covenants and monitoring sanction condition put in the proposals at the time of approvals.
  • To maintain network with other financial institutions and able to take independent local industry references for customers if required

To adhere to compliance policies in proposal evaluation

  • To ensure that each  proposal complies with credit policies; internal & external norms of lending 


  • To be involved in continual revision of credit norms by giving requisite inputs to the management


  • To support development of new credit policies and evaluation norms  

To ensure compliance with robust documentation mechanism

  • To maintain thorough documentation process for effective tracking of proposal documents and TAT monitoring

To prepare regular MIS for areas under risk management and give presentation to various stakeholders

  1. To prepare MIS & trend charts on portfolio progress/variances/defaults for all the loans during their credit life cycle & send them to the team leader/CRO  

Process Management


  1. Ensuring that end to end processes are followed as per the SOPs as defined for BIL/PL/STSL/STUL  at the local assessment level


  1. Ensuring proper distributor network is being followed – to avoid future fraud’s


  1. Continuous improvement in credit approval process to meet the dynamic business needs and instituting mechanisms for adherence of risk associated with the product s, safety of financed amount and customer satisfaction.


  1. Proper capturing of data in the requisite system to ensure proper MIS generation for business decisions


  1. Training implementation for Local Credit Process team, Sales team on product, processes, legal and technical aspects.
  2. Handling customer escalations and complaints during and post disbursements – replies to mailers, correspondences with co-ordination with the legal team

Team Management

  1. Managing the Credit Manager to ensure that TAT, Process and Credit Quality are adhered to.
  2. Managing team of CPAs to ensure that TAT, Process and Credit Quality are adhered to.

Vendor Management


  1. Identifying and recommendation for Appointment of vendors at local levels including valuation, legal, Field Investigation Agencies, Fraud Containment Agencies.


  1. Managing TAT with various vendors – a) Field investigation, b) Lawyers, c) Technical Valuers, d) RCU agency to ensure Customer Delight


  1. Regular Training and reviewing the performance of the vendors with regular interaction and keeping eye on the other financial institution association.



Any Graduate

Minimum Experience Level:
3-5 Years

Report to:

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.