Assistant Manager - CR & Ops - Dhanbad

Updated: April 25, 2022
Location: Jharkhand, India
Organization: Financial Services

Job Description:

4) Key Result Areas: Write the key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)- Maximum 10 KRAs can be updated

Key Result Areas  (Max 1325 Characters)

Supporting Actions (Max 1325 Characters)

Transaction processing  

  • o  Processing of transactions as per regulatory guidelines and within the laid down SOPs including PMS transactions
  • o  Processing KYC applications and reconciling the KYC status and ensuring collection of pending documents to facilitate completeness of documentation requirement
  • o  Data enrichment to facilitate transactional convenience and information dissemination
  • o  Processing KYC applications for customer acquisition
  • o  Scrutinising PMS applications for account opening and subsequent servicing of PMS accounts
  • o  To handle transmission cases promptly and with empathy and due diligence

Regulatory Compliance

  • o  Display of NAV and addendum as per the guidelines
  • o  Managing DTSM as per the guidelines and SOPs
  • o  Ensuring no regulatory deviation in the branch related to transaction processing

Stakeholder Management 

  • o  To liaise with Banks, Sales Team and HO from time to time for transaction related activities
  • o  To liaise with Sales / Sales Support to clear any issues related to transaction processing
  • o  To build a strong relationship with service providers/vendors like RTA, bankers, courier, etc. at local level
  • o  Servicing IFAs pertaining to branches and MR locations

To manage customer queries, requirements and issues

  • o  To ensure to tag all interactions happened in the branch appropriately w. r. t. queries, requirements and issues as well as processing of transmission claims 
  • o  To ensure to maximise queries resolution at the time of raising
  • o  Timely and accurate intimation of TRO’s to customers to ensure win-backs.
  • o  To ensure adherence of TAT in case of requirements and issues
  • o  To escalate  at various levels in   case of possible TAT burst of issue and requirements tagged



Other Degree

Minimum Experience Level:
3-5 Years

Report to:
Associate Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.