Relationship Manager - Retail Sales - Jamshedpur

Job Description:

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Retail Sales Execution

  1. Drives ongoing sales from the defined relationships and contribute towards regions achievements
  2. Obtains and analyzes information from market to identify new clients, makes direct pitches, liaises with channel partners to increase sales
  3. Profiles distributors and caters to their requirements to ensure ongoing business from them
  4. Ensures targeted number of folios are added and achieves targeted amount of new SIPs

Distributor Empanelment & Engagement

  1. Conducts regular meetings and contact with the distributors 
  2. Undertakes empanelment and activation of distributors 
  3. Disseminates updates and other product related information in timely manner
  4. Organizes and executes trainings and engagements for partners

Reporting and compliance

  1. Ensures 100% compliance with internal reporting & audit systems
  2. Provides weekly reports, to Regional Heads and Channel Heads
  3. Updates sales portal with requisite information to facilitate information collation and analysis
  4. Undertakes installation of advertising and publicity materials for brand visibility




Other Degree

Minimum Experience Level:
3-5 Years

Report to:
Associate Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.