Product Head - Industrial - East Zone

Updated: May 23, 2022
Location: West Bengal, India
Organization: Chemicals

Job Description:

Job Purpose - Prepare, implement and execute sales and business development of allocated products to ensure sales target  (Volume and Revenue) are met and to achieve business strategic objectives.

Key Result Areas :

  1. Propose & implement sales plan aimimg to meet or exceed business target
  • Achieve Target FY 22 Qty (MT)
  • Achieve Value Target Value (Rs Cr)
  • Achieve NSR across all unitsto meet profitability numbers for the product which is aligned to the business goals



  • Break down annual number into monthly numbers (seasonality based) to achieve targets
  • Regular co-ordination with plant and customer support team to prioritize production and dispatches as per market needs.
  • Regular visit / interaction with at various level with customers organization
  • Monthly meeting with ZONAL HEAD / APPLICATION HEAD for joint review on development project, previous months status , plans specific actions for Sales to convert new project into business and review the     plan for next month.
  1. Receivables & Credit control 
  • Ensure on time collection from Customers / dealers 
  • Overdue should be under control and no overdue receivable by month end. 
  • Also ensure that there is zero overdue


  • Set receivables  targets for the month at the beginning of the month..
  • Monitor and review the receivables collection on daily basis. 
  • Weekly review with ZONAL HEAD. 
  • Send communication receivable statement to all customer in the beginning of the month.
  • Visit customers and if needed with higher management for critical receivables.
  1. Market Development Plan
  • Achieve full production capacity utilization
  • Market penetration to increase market share 
  • Increase in sales revenue and Profitability


  • Identify new markets / Geographies where we are not present.
  • Make travel plan.
  • Prepare customer mapping  report city wise showing application / consumption / current supplier / pricing / credi terms 
  • Co-ordinate with technical team to improve synergy and do joint visits. 
  • Plan regular visit to key customers and also to untapped markets. 
  • Participate in Exhibitions and make presentations at key seminars on our products.
  1. Market Intelligence 
  • Strategic decisions by senior management
  • New product development 
  • Pricing strategy


  • Keeping watch on the competitor’s strategy along with customer activities and provide necessary information to the higher management for necessary actions at their end
  • Collection of market information from various sources and timely submission of the same to dept. heads and functional heads
  • Regular visits to the customers for developing relationship to get competitors as well as customers information
  • Understand from customer any new product is launched by competitor at white price / application 
  • Inform technical team and provide customers specifications to check if we can also develop similar product which competitor offering
  • Check any new capacity coming up OR any expansion of capacity by existing competitors
  • Make report and discuss with Zonal head 
  1. Distributor / Dealer  Management 
  • Increase market share with small customers / unorganized sectors
  • Cover Payment risk
  • Timely deliveries for small lots


  • Explore markets/regions where we need to focus on unorganized sector OR small customers where payment is risk and buys small lots 
  • Identfy correct distributor who can promote / sell our products to small customer / unorganized sector  
  • Go through standard Distributor selection process to appoint right distributor /channel partners. 
  • Have agreements in place for our existing and new Distributors. 
  • For existing Distributor, complete the previous year performance review and agree on Targets that cover all aspects of business
  • Review of Distributor performance monthly 
  • Regularly review credit performance, level ,limits etc
  1. Credit Limit Management
  • Safeguarding customer risk
  • Settlement of outstanding balances
  • Improving cash flow


  • Check customer’s / distributor’s credibility in the market by contacting their end users / customers
  • Contact credit rating agencies for report 
  • Try to take bank guaranty OR security deposits from end customers as well for safety
  • As per company policy and based of market report / credit rating company set credit limits as per SOP
  • Review credit limit yearly with Finance team


Minimum Experience Level:
3-8 Years

Report to:
General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.