SH HR Lohardaga and Samri

Updated: June 13, 2022
Location: Jharkhand, India
Organization: Metals

Job Description:

1.Manpower planning and assessment matching with production target.
2. Utilization of all available manpower resources at their most effective level.
3. Ensure completion of payroll, statutory compliance returns as per various acts.
4. Monitoring financial objectives by implementation of cost effective budget; scheduling expenditures, monitoring costs; analyzing variances.
5. Ensure maximum utilization of available resources to make the system cost efficient.
6. Make SOPs and its implementation for grievance handling system

7.  Ensure preparation of JDs & its timely evaluation
8. Ensure submission of Goal settings within target timelines of Management.
9. Responsible for collection of data for creation of talent pool, Potential assessment, DAC and share it with Cororatetalent Management team.
10. Prepare competency mapping and succession planning forcritical positions of Mines.
11. Drive Rewards and recognition culture through proper implementation of PRAISE, PRIDE and Instant Sabahashi Awards.
12. Arrange exposure visits for employees
13. Optimize the manpower and its future requirement in consent with Management.
14. Develop skills matrix module for Coal Mines workmen cadre employees
15. Create a high performance culture enabling employees to contribute their best across all the Mining location of the organization.
16. Ensure co-ordination with respective factory HR Heads implementation of performance management system in order to ensure employee performance is monitored / rewarded in a consistent manner within the Company's Performance management framework.
17.    Performance based pay, Reward and Recognition initiatives

18.Conceptualizing & developing training & development initiatives for improved productivity, building capability and quality enhancement.
19. Prepare annual training calendar for executives as well as for workmen cadre and get it approved from Corporate HR.
20. Building in house capability for continuous skill up-gradation
21. Identifying capable workmen and developing them into Supervisors
22. Training workforce to multi-skill to manage impact of absenteeism
23. Training communication and records maintenance through ELM Module.
24.    Responsible for proper training need analysis and feedback mechanism.


Minimum Experience Level:
3-6 Years

Report to:
Assistant General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.