Sales Manager - TPD- Patna

Updated: April 21, 2022
Location: Bihar, India
Organization: Financial Services

Job Description:

1)     Job Purpose: Write the purpose for which the job exists (in 2-3 lines)  (Max 1325 Characters)

To lead the assigned branch by effective planning & management of resources and ensuring achievement of agreed business targets through effective sales strategies to help the branch lead in terms of market share and brand equity in a cost effective manner.


2) Dimensions: Mention quantitative or qualitative parameters that are relevant for the job and provide a better understanding of the scope and scale of the job.  

Business Workforce Number
 (Max 254 Characters)  


Unit Workforce Number
 (Max 254 Characters)  


Function Workforce Number  
 (Max 254 Characters)  


Department Workforce Number  
 (Max 254 Characters)  


Other Quantitative and Important Parameters for the job: Budgets/ Volumes/No. of Products/Geography/ Markets/ Customers or any other parameter 


Manpower = 18 AM/ BMs; Branch Managers in case of large branches

Annualised Premium (in Cr) – 1.2 to 5 Cr

Policies(Nos) – 600 to 2500

Net Annualised Advisor Commission (NAAC) (in Lac) - 0.4 Cr to 1.5 Cr

Persistency – 85% ; 13 month rolling premium persistency

Sales Progression – Maintain 30% of sales progression in the team

Licensing – create distribution as defined in the targets.

Activisation – As per the assigned targets



3) Job Context & Major Challenges: Write the specific aspects of the job that provide a challenge (internal and external) to the jobholder in the context of the Business/Unit/Function/Department/Section ((Max 3975 Characters)


Key Challenges –  

  • Performing despite unethical market practices prevailing in the market 
  • Retention of the Quality Sales Force owing to stiff competition
  • Ensuring the quality of new advisors who are being introduced in to the system because it’s practically not possible to meet each and every advisor getting recruited.
  • Equipping the new advisors with proper knowledge owing to poor turnout in training programs




4) Key Result Areas: Write the key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)- Maximum 10 KRAs can be updated

Key Result Areas  (Max 1325 Characters)

Supporting Actions (Max 1325 Characters)

Plan sales strategies and achieve branch business targets in terms of number of agents, productivity, new premium, persistency of business.



  1. Scan the market for emerging opportunities, the presence of competition etc and plans for the progress of his branch in consultation with HO
  2. Ensure strategies include effective product mix, tapping of potential customers, contests and delivery of investment advisory to customers.
  3. Ensure implementation of the plans & monitor same to ensure success

Promote productivity of the field force through effective people management.

  1. Ensure regular training of advisors and provide latest input given by company to them. 
  2. Discuss with them the promotional infrastructure decided by company and have review of their progress in terms of competition, activisation and club membership.

Establish good working habits for the force, undertake productivity improvement drives, organize specialized training programs etc.

Ensuring persistency of the business in order to ensure enhance business goals.


  1. By doing random quality checks on the business sourced to maintain desired persistency levels.
  2. Ensure post sales servicing are through in order to retain customers.

Inculcate a culture of financial discipline in the branch to have well control on revenue.

  1. Ensure that strict control is maintained on the cash transactions in the branch.
  2. Ensure that budget is maintained on all capital and operating expenses incurred.

Ensure 100 % compliance in order to smooth running of the operation and enhance the productivity in the assigned branch.

  1. Monitor process adherence at the branch

Provide regular update to the sales force /operation staff regarding changes in the Underwriting /IRDA Guidelines as well as Sales Process from time to time. 

Drive sales promotional activities in order to achieve the business numbers. 

  1. Initiate and ensure implementation of different activities to promote sales & recruitment.
  2. Liaise with the concerned HO teams to drive central initiatives
  3.  Ensure adequate promotional effort is delivered to existing and potential customers.


Recommend product and process improvement to the company to enhance efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

  1. Evaluate customer response to our products, services, processes and people and suggest innovations/ improvements/ changes in these areas.

Ensure effective administration of the branch to sustain smooth functioning and operations in a cost effective way.

  1. Ensure that the general administration of the branch is as per requirement 

Team Management

  1. Ensure through continuous on the job training, skill enhancement of team
  2. Mentor, supervise and coach the team.
  3. Provide for on the job as well as classroom training for skill enhancement
  4. Ensure periodic job rotation to give a higher exposure to the team members on all aspects.




5)     Job Purpose of Direct Reports: Describe the job purpose of the direct report/s to the job (in 2-3 lines for each report) 

Front Line Sales - AM-SAM-BDM-AP-BP-MP:

The purpose of this job is to recruit quality advisors (free lancer) & support / train them to enable them procure insurance policies from the market & subsequently service the customers.


Sales Support executive:

To coordinate advisor training, licensing and advisor activisation (Advisor IRDA training and advisor servicing) to provide business support to sales.


Rookie Coach:

To improve the overall productivity of the 0 to 6 month vintage FLS. Work on the distribution building process in the branch and improve the input output ratio.


6)  Relationships: Describe the nature and purpose of most important contacts or relationship (except superior/team members) with individuals, departments, organizations inside and outside of the organization, that job is required to interact with in order to deliver the job objectives

Relationship Type (Max 80 Characters)


Nature (Max 1325 Characters)




Operation (BOE)

Area Training Manager

HR Department




Nature:Follow-ups regarding the Pendencies, Customer Queries,


To maximise the recruitment, pass percentage, training need arise from time to time.


To resolve HR related queries. 






Manpower Consultant/Vendors 



Nature:To discuss about daily activities / sales related Issues / Contests/Motivating.

Recruitment of the Sales Force/ Settlement of the bills.



7) Organizational Relationships: Provide the structure for a level above and below the position for which this job description is written. Use position titles in the structured and indicate all the reports of the position. 





SIGN-OFF: Provide the name of the Manager and the jobholder. Signature needed for the hard copy of the JD. Hard copy to be maintained in the organizational record. 


Job Holder

Reports to – Manager 




Signature (needed for the hard copy) 




Any Graduate

Minimum Experience Level:
5-6 Years

Report to:
Joint Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.