Updated: April 18, 2022
Location: Maharashtra, India
Organization: Cement

Job Description:

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Business Development

(R) Conducting demos for VAC products to clients to help them understand their functionality



Customer Feedback

(R) Resolve day to day customer grievances related to cracks, workability, slump control, pumping issues cube failures etc. and take corrective and preventive actions based on site feedback  

disbursements/settlements at Zone


Maintenance Management

(R)Ensure the upkeep of the quality control labs with proper product display and availability of relevant BIS codes


(R) Maintain all the quality records on Labsys and update as per QCI and ISO. Maintain records related to calibration of all testing equipment


Product Testing

(R) Check the quality of the raw material to ensure adherence to desired standards and specifications. Reject the material that does not match the required specifications

(R) Collaborate with third party testing for the cubes as and when required

(R) Conduct testing of cubes of concrete to check if they are as per the Quality Standards

(R) Undertake trials for performance/ dosage of different admixtures, other special materials and routine products to ensure quality parameters are met


Production Execution

(R) Ensure workability and cohesiveness of concrete at plant and at pouring site

(R) Implement moisture corrections during production

(R) Monitor the right dosage/ admixture at batching plants during production


Diploma In Civil Engineering

Minimum Experience Level:
3-4 Years

Report to:
Assistant Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.