Section Head- Instrumentation CAP

Updated: April 18, 2022
Location: Jharkhand, India
Organization: Chemicals

Job Description:
  1. Maintaining/working on five numbers of field control station (DCS) having latest technology of YOKOGAWA CENTUM-VP.logic modification/troubleshooting over any new or existing abnormalities and handling approx. 5000 input/output for better functioning and smooth control over the process parameter and field instruments.

As per caustic soda plant, Maintain and Upgrading system as per technology or if any further kaizen/suggestion comes.

Covering Preventive maintenance as well as safety aspects CAP Plant.

Providing facilities for calibrating and providing new support to our ancillary’s unit situated around the plant.

  1. Marinating and upgrading, weighing system like, Chlorine tonner filling( Mettler & JISL),Road weigh bridge- 2 Nos ( Schenck process & JISL make), In motion weigh bridge etc.
  2. Covering maintenance activities of telephone exchange, Telephone sets and related networks over the plants (Caustic soda & VAP Plant), Colony, Ancillaries, Hospital & school etc.
  3. Executing work for communication system which covers mainly plant(Caustic soda & Power plant both PP1,PP2) and security up to the intake well under this maintenance and licence work for Public announcement (PA)-36 nos & walkie talkie -44 nos of different model GP 328, GP338.

Bachelor Of Technology,Bachelor Of Engineering

Minimum Experience Level:
8-14 Years

Report to:
Assistant Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.