AH FGD (CPP Projects)

Updated: April 18, 2022
Organization: Metals

Job Description:

Key Result Areas/Accountabilities

Supporting Actions

Business Excellence


  • Commissioning of new facility of Flue Gas Desulfurization units.
  • Operation with high availability of all units and ensuring plant operation as per the norms (Quantitative & Qualitative) in short term and long term basis.
  • To achieve the Hydrated lime efficiency as per P & B target, optimizing DM water consumption, achieving equipment’s targeted efficiency levels while complying with high standards of safety and environment and ensuring 100% compliance with statutory norms. 
  • Achieving daily targets for low Sox emission with minimum hydrated lime consumption and reviving plant within minimum time during emergency.
  • Monitoring Sox, auxiliary power consumption, Hydrated lime consumption and varying process with stipulated norms based on the daily reports
  • Implementing all SOPs related to operations of FGD for all units & system.
  • System improvement by adopting best practices and putting our plant at bench mark level compared with other similar FGD plants.


  • Facilitating regular maintenance during assigned shift:
    1. Coordinating with maintenance teams for planning and execution of all maintenance activities (preventive, corrective, breakdown)
    2. Communicating maintenance schedule to concerned desk and shop floor engineers
    3. Highlighting under performance of equipment to maintenance team to increase equipment efficiency, availability and reliability
    4. Validating performance after maintenance.


  • Optimization of Hydrated Lime. 
  • Exploring and implementing continuous process improvement to achieve cost saving without compromising with Sox level. 


  • Maintaining high standards of plant performance. 
  • Reduction in auxiliary power & Hydrated lime consumption. 
  • Eliminating leakages and wastage of DM water, compressed air and steam.


  • Minimizing response time through collaboration during emergency.
  • Addressing the grievance of customer in a gentle manner
  1. Sustainability&Compliance
  • To maintained the CPCB and MoEF guidelines.
  • Implementing sustainable practices towards controlling the hydrated lime consumption. 
  • Ensuring environment compliance by monitoring leakages and emissions and getting it corrected through maintenance team to achieve zero discharge.  
  • Ensuring compliance with Integrated Management system and Energy Management System


  • Implementing Health, Safety, Environment norms in area of operation like LOTOTO, HIRA, Use of PPEs and stack emission.
  • Coordinating and controlling isolation and de-isolation of equipment in compliance with PTW system.
  • Imparting safety related training to team through Tool Box Talks
  • Handling emergencies efficiently while taking due care of safety.

People development and engagement

  • Monitoring and improving performance of team members through on the job training.
  • Monitoring contract labor deployment, partnering awareness with respect to technical, safety and behavioral aspects through tool box talks and monitoring on the shop floor. 

Bachelor Of Engineering

Minimum Experience Level:
5-10 Years

Report to:
Deputy Officer

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.