Customer Service Executive - Zonal Operations - Marine lines

Job Description:


1)  Job Purpose


Responsible for day to day operational, financial, commercial & administrative activities of the branch. Ensuring 100% compliance to regulatory and organizational guidelines.



2) Job Context & Major Challenges

(What are the specific aspects of the job that provide a challenge to the jobholder in the context of the Unit/Zone?


Key Challenges for the role:


  • Consistent delivery of 100% accuracy across wide range of     activities  amid rapidly changing  processes,  diverse organizational guidelines , adaptation     to regular extended working hours,   seasonal & un predictable spike in volumes with limited or no system validations.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of information and documentation despite lack of infrastructure and support
  • Operating multiple systems (in excess of 15) despite server band width and connectivity issues
  • Handling Sales behavior effectively in order to ensure compliance to internal and external guidelines


3) Principal Accountabilities


Supporting Actions




Execute financial processes timely with 100% accuracy




  • 1.     Execute the receipting, banking and reconciliation processes accurately for policy cash/Cheque/DD within timelines as per the set process.
  • Detection of Fake note to avoid operational loss
  • 3.     Cheque Dishonour Management.  
  • Safe custody of both sets of Safe and cash box Keys and one set of office keys.
  • Timely reconciliation of assets of the branch.
  • Ensure genuineness of petty cash spends, timely raising and recording.

Provide commercial support 

  1. Identify local vendors and facilitate their registration as per procurement guidelines.
  2. Procurement of vendor bills, establishing genuineness and timely payment as per agreement.
  3. Encourage NEFT registrations of vendors.
  4. Support lease agreement registration and renewal process.
  5. New branch set up- coordination with various functions like IT/Infra/banking/ZOPS/DSF for smooth functions of branch.

Extend Legal , Compliance and Taxation support

  1. Timely remittance of professional and work contract tax. 
  2. Represent company on behalf of compliance/HO for hearing matters in labour/consumer court.
  3. Timely updates to HO on receipt of any notice from Tax authorities/labour offices/employment exchange/Local municipal offices.
  4. Ensure statutory displays at branches.
  5. Ensure 100% compliance of AML guidelines, identification and reporting of suspicious & fraudulent operational and financial transactions.
  6. Adherence to BCP guidelines.



Handle Advisor commission process 


  1. Timely Updation & handover of Commission chq to Advisors.
  2. Encourage NEFT with advisors and FLS.
  3. Resolve commission related queries of advisor.
  4. Ensure timely receipts and hand-over of   TDS certificate to advisors.

Provide HR/IT/Admin support

  1. Manage joining and exit formalities for concerned employees at the branch, including full and final settlement process.
  2. Log calls in case of downtime/pursue with Corporate IT. 
  3. Monitor and ensure housekeeping, security and dispatch services are rendered in an uninterrupted and cost effective manner. 
  4. Handle physical resource booking like meeting rooms, projectors, etc.

Execute Underwriting and New Business processes

  1. Scrutinise New Business applications as per the SOPs to ensure 100% input accuracy  to enhance straight through processing and issuance to submission ratio.
  2. Arrange speedy pick up of medical reports from medical labs and timely transmission of applications, medical reports, requirements via scanning and indexing with 100% accuracy. 
  3. Collaborate with head office process owners/vendors to facilitate faster issuance.
  4. Ensure timely and accurate updation and delivery of policy documents/refund cheques in adherence to set standards.

Provide prompt, accurate and courteous Customer Service 

  1. Ensure 1st contact resolution at the branch for all internal & external customers’ & track requests through prescribed systems ensuring 100% accuracy and timely closure.
  2. Scrutinise claims documentation as per set guidelines and coordination with sales force and claimant for speedy fulfilment of claim requirements. 
  3. Ensure 100% accurate and timely scrutiny & processing of reinstatement, fund switch, financial payout requests & other customer  requests on the same day to avoid Gain/Loss.  Customer identity & signature to be verified to establish genuineness of the transaction.
  4. Proactively participate in data cleansing exercise for both internal & external customers in respect of Bank details, PAN card Information, contact details  & undelivered communications, .

Contribute to Revenue Generation & conservation at every single opportunity & instance.

  1. Encourage NEFT enrolment for internal & external customers
  2. Participating in Persistency drive by sharing data with sales force & contacting customers for the allocated data base.
  3. Encourage use of self help tools  like Go Green, ECS activation, alternate payment options by customers.
  4. Enhance contactability of the customers by collecting contact details.
  5. Participate in cost savings initiatives. 
  6. Actively endeavour towards containing Freelook/ Surrender / withdrawal at branches by convincing customers.
  7. Actively engage with visiting customers to enhance  revenue generation  for the business by way of promoting  Riders & top up adding to incremental premium on the existing policies for the Co.
  8. Intimate & pursue cheque dishonour cases with the respective sales team members / customer both at new business & renewal stage & strive for repayment to conserve the revenue.
  9. Identify & report fraudulent claims by providing proof / information to Claims team and get involved with the investigation as much required and sought.
  10. Prevent Fraudulent / Fake Policies from issuance by Branches by controlling the document verification and reporting to Compliance & UW
  11. Save cost (on controllable expenses) at Branches on Electricity, Stationery, Photocopying, Staff Welfare, Other Miscellaneous Expenses etc 



Advisor Licensing process & extend Sales Support 

  1. First time right application processing for New advisor and license renewal
  2. Support BM on Recruitment plan is executed properly and the candidates are nominated for Pre Licensed training
  3. Prepare & distribute sales management MIS including data maintenance from Receipt Writer and Sales Portal to the concerned.
  4. Coordinating for execution of reward & recognition programs for sales force through MIS & communications to branch sales force as required by the Branch Head.
  5. Assist Branch Head to follow up for New Business Application requirements with the sales force of the branch
  6. Control Pool laptops for agency managers
  7. Managing sales promotion material & activities at the branch level including stock management.
  8. Inventory Management of marketing collateral
  9. Assist HO in fraud and compliance investigation pertaining to FLS and advisors
  10. Assist Branch Head to follow up for New Agent licensing requirements at new business and renewal stage with the sales force of the branch
  11.  Coordinate FLS coding and FLS tagging with HO
  12. Coordinate for advisor / FLS Reward and Recognitions and for domestic & overseas sales conference with HO
  13. Contact updation in BSLI online of Advisors and FLS
  14. Contactability enhancement at NB stage,post welcome call followed by CRT.
  15. Preparation of Various MIS related to BSLI Way and updation of Various Dash Boards.
  16. Coordination with various institutes, approved by Training Head, for the training of new Insurance Applicant.
  17. Re exam scheduling of failed candidates in coordination with BH/AMs
  18. Coordination with RHR for offer letter generation for FLS
  19. Arrangement of Various training programmes in Branches coordinating with Training manager and BM/BH.
  20. Downloading various process to Sales team during morning huddle (BSLI Way).
  21. Ensure timely opening and closing of office premises

Other Degree

Minimum Experience Level:
0-4 Years

Report to:
Deputy Chief Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.