To be at the core of an effective learning network, that as a strategic business partner, harnesses knowledge and intellectual capital, to 'contribute' to the goals and objectives of the Business

Enablers for opportunities
to learn, develop and grow as professionals:
Gyanodaya is the Group's Global Centre for Leadership Learning that designs and delivers relevant and current knowledge and competence-building learning opportunities across the entire spectrum of the Group
Gyanodaya Virtual Campus (GVC) is the Group's e-Learning platform that has a robust Learning Management System serving 30,000+ active e-learners at various levels across the globe. This includes the e-learning modules from the very reputed Harvard Manage Mentor
My Development Plans are facilitated for every employee based on the ABG competency requirements
Functional Training Programs are designed to enhance functional domain knowledge in line with industry best practices
Continuing Education Policy facilitates learning through a wide range of sponsorships and other enabling mechanisms such as the Universitas 21 Online MBA
Leadership Development Programs are experiential in nature and use innovative methodologies for designing and delivering learnings
Coaching & Mentoring is an engagement format between Senior Managers and individuals or teams and is largely used for select behavioral learning events which Involve formation of new leadership habits
Knowledge Integration Programs (KIPs) provide the platform to share success stories and best practices and learn from each other
Outreach Programs are a suite of high quality programs delivered by Gyanodaya certified faculty across the business unit locations. Some of these programs Include Personal Effectiveness, Manage Self, Manage Others, Presentation skills, Team building and Collaboration

A World Of Opportunities awaits you.
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