Building an enriched life for our employees by ensuring their overall wellbeing and improvement of their quality of life.

Enablers for opportunities
to lead an enriched life:
  • Vitamin H is an informative portal which offers all health and wellness related information with a range of possible solutions for employees and their family members
  • Life Unlimited our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provides free and confidential counseling support to address and resolve issues that are important to employees and their families
  • Annual Health Check-Up is offered to employees at all business locations, providing them with a detailed health report and a doctor consultation. This program is also extended to family members at a discounted rate
  • Add More To Life (AMTL) is a Quality of Life initiative in townships through which we create an urban and modern life experience for employees and families at our manufacturing locations
  • Infrastructural Support at Units & Offices includes hospitals, gymnasiums and yoga classes thereby promoting a healthy life
  • Telemedicine Facilities in our remote locations provide the best of healthcare at the doorstep at a minimal cost
  • Maternity Support Program is a combination of various benefits that will support a woman employee during her maternity phase as well as when she comes back to work
  • The AWOO Scholarship Program:A World of Opportunity Foundation is a registered charitable trust. It is committed to providing timely educational scholarships to deserving and capable youths. It aims to provide scholarships to needy and deserving students for undergraduate and postgraduate professional courses, with the aim of increasing their employment opportunities. These scholarships can also be extended to children of our workmen and supervisors
  • Policies encouraging Work Life Balance
    - Flexible work arrangement is offered to employees
    - Compulsory Annual Leave encourages employees to take a break by allowing for only 50% of the annual privilege leave entitlement to be carried forward
  • Pratibha Scholarships is a Group-wide employee scholarship program offered to children pursuing higher education. This is provided to those pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate programs across the world
  • Near Relations Policy enables and encourages our existing employees to refer their competent and professionally qualified relatives (including spouses and children) thereby extending our World of Opportunities to their families
  • Code Red is the Aditya Birla Group Emergency Helpline which is a 24x7 service available that caters to any kind of exigency faced by employees and their families
  • Pre Trip Advisory (PTA) is a service that provides international advisories and alerts related to safety, travel and medical risks of the country/destination
  • A safe, secure and nondiscriminatory working environment is attained by building awareness and educating each employee on the subject of prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Vibes & Team Vibes is a platform which enables employees to voice their feedback about the organizational practices as well as helps the Group to understand the employee's expectations
  • Creation of Communities at the Adltya Birla Group:
    - World of Women Network
    - Retiree Network-'For Old Times' Sake' website
    - Wellness Champions

A World Of Opportunities awaits you.
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