At the Aditya Birla Group, you enjoy the privilege of a remarkable bouquet of opportunities to fulfill your aspirations and dreams. As the Group expands globally and explores new possibilities, its current operations offer you unparalleled opportunities, dynamic challenges and endless avenues of professional and personal growth.

Your growth is our collective growth, hence you will receive opportunities to build your career, have your contribution rewarded, your commitment recognised, your professional skills honed and thus, lead an enriched life as an individual. With an abundance of possibilities, a reservoir of knowledge and the desire to augment the growth of its people, the Group believes in offering each and every one of you ‘A World of Opportunities'.

The Pillars of A World of Opportunities

To provide employees with a bouquet of career choices. We offer careers to employees, spanning across functions, business sectors and geographies.

A World of Career Prospects to chart your own destiny

At the Aditya Birla Group your career map is literally the world map. The Group offers you a choice of diverse roles across functions, business sectors and geographies, encouraging its people to take charge of their careers by leveraging these opportunities, tools and processes. With endless possibilities to leverage your experience, build on your strengths and realize your aspirations you are empowered to chart out your own destiny.

Enablers for opportunities to enhance career aspirations and fulfil them:
Xplore (Taking Opportunities to Employees) enables employees to have a fulfilling career in the Group and make informed career decisions by providing them access to all necessary information and development opportunities
ABG Competency Framework comprises Behavioral and Functional Competencies. These serve as the common yardstick for identifying your strengths and the areas for development, both for cu rrent and future roles
Talent Management Framework articulates the various processes that are included in Talent Management
Competency Assessment and Development Discussion (CADD) is the process of identifying your strengths and areas of development in your current role, using the ABG Competency Framework
Potential Assessment is a confidential exercise done by your manager and / or other senior members
Talent Segmentation is the process of segmenting the employees using the 9 box -3 X 3 performance -potential grid
Development and Assessment Centre (DAC) is the process of validating by renowned external agencies and calibrating the potential assessed during the Talent Segmentation process
Talent Reviews (Development Dialogue) is an annual facilitated engagement process wherein the leadership team discusses the high potential (Talent Pool) employees in terms of the strength that can be leveraged, the possible next roles and the areas of development
Succession Planning is a process for identifying and developing internal talent with the potential to fill critical positions
Transition Management / On-Boarding processes enable employees settle down in their new roles smoothly and be productive atthe earliest
Mobility Support Framework enables the employee to expklre wider career opportunities across different unitsl circles I businesses Ifunctions I locatkms within the Aditya Birla Group
Secondment / Swap / Short Term Assignments provide unique opportunities to develop and hone specific functional and behavioral competencies
Opportunity refers to a prospect offilling a position within the Adltya Birla Group, which is either planned for or unplanned
My Resume is a unique feature available to you to showcase your background, work history, education, skills and achievements effectively. It also enables all the recruiters within the Aditya Birla Groupto understand you better
Available for Role Change enables employees to declare their Interest for a role change within the Aditya Birla Group
Jobs | Like enables employees to proactively indicate the specilic roles shel he would like to move Into as part of the next career move
Job preferences enables employees to set preferences (basis Business, Location, Job Function etc) for receiving e-maii alerts on job opportunities within the Aditya Birta Group
Career Conversations facilitate meaningful dialogues around your career with your manager / mentor
Career Management Services provide Information on the availability of possible career paths and help you make the right career choices
Performance Management System enables sharper goal setting with open performance conversations and a transparent feedback mechanism
Job Analysis & Evaluation is an intuitively accepted tool that provides critical analysis to individuals and the organization to drive job clarity, performance and development
Performance Highway is a technology enabled goal setting tool that aligns large workforces to key organizational priorities through an automated process

To be at the core of an effective learning network, that as a strategic business partner, harnesses knowledge and intellectual capital, to 'contribute' to the goals and objectives of the Business

A World of Learning to translate knowledge into action

At the Aditya Birla Group, Knowledge begets success. The Group provides its people multiple opportunities to hone existing skills and develop new ones, with a focus on constantly encouraging people to learn on the job, in classrooms and beyond interactions with some of the best minds in the industry.

Enablers for opportunities to learn and develop and grow as professionals
Gyanodaya is the Group's Global Centre for Leadership Learning that designs and delivers relevant and current knowledge and competence-building learning opportunities across the entire spectrum of the Group
Gyanodaya Virtual Campus (GVC) is the Group's e-Learning platform that has a robust Learning Management System serving 30,000+ active e-learners at various levels across the globe. This includes the e-learning modules from the very reputed Harvard Manage Mentor
My Development Plans are facilitated for every employee based on the ABG competency requirements
Functional Training Programs are designed to enhance functional domain knowledge in line with industry best practices
Continuing Education Policy facilitates learning through a wide range of sponsorships and other enabling mechanisms such as the Universitas 21 Online MBA
Leadership Development Programs are designed and delivered which are experiential in nature and use innovative methodologies for delivering the learning
Coaching & Mentoring is an engagement format between Senior Managers and individuals or teams and is largely used for select behavioral learning events which Involve formation of new leadership habits
Knowledge Integration Programs (KIPs) provide the platform to share success stories and best practices and learn from each other
Outreach Programs are a suite of high quality programs delivered by Gyanodaya certified faculty across the business unit locations. Some of these programs Include Personal Effectiveness, Manage Self, Manage Others, Presentation skills, Team building and Collaboration

To be recognized amongst the leading organizations in implementing effective Rewards and Benefits programs across the world in each of our Businesses

World of Rewards and Recognition to be the best

At the Aditya Birla Group, success comes to those who believe in themselves and push their boundaries. The Group encourages you to reach and surpass your best performance. With emphasis on competitive compensation, performance incentives, international assignments, Group-wide recognition and much more. To shine, you need to truly impress only yourself!

Enablers for opportunities to be rewarded and recognized
  • Annual Compensation Review is a process that is standardized with defined internal governance ensuring fairness, equity and parity across the group.
  • Performance Differentiation aligns 'performance continuum' to 'pay continuum' which implies that a consistent top performer is positioned at the higher side of the pay range for a particular level.
  • Sector Benchmarking ensures that rewards are sector and geography driven, through specific market benchmarking studies being conducted once in 2 years
  • Peer Benchmarking facilitates benchmarking similar skill sets across sectors or functions to ensure parity and consistency
  • Compensation Budgeting facilitates defining of annual compensation budgets, after planning for manpower, market movement on salaries, business growth, attrition analysis, among others
  • Analytics such as compensation cost ratios and ROl on employment costs at business and Group level ensure competitiveness and affordability by aligning costs to business results. Sector peer group analysis on economic parameters provides insights on sector competitiveness and sets ideal rati05forthe business
  • Variable Pay is a sector aligned team incentive which is integrated with elements of individual performance
  • Long Term Incentive Plan enable building of strategic alignments between business growth and individual rewards
  • Deferred Compensation Program is offered to high potential and high performing middle management to distinguish them from their peers. The program runs over 3-4 years thereby enabling retention of key talent in the businesses
  • Retiral programs are designed to honor continuity of service across businesses and help support talent mobility. These include Provident Fund, Superannuation, Gratuity and Leave Encashment
  • Nishchint a unique "Death in Service" contributory term Insurance benefit plan providing monetary relief to the family of an employee in the event of his/ her death while in service and on separation in case of serious illness or disability is available in our businesses in India
  • Insurance In the form of medical, personal accident and hospitalization is offered to all employees to fulfil the Group's efforts in extending benefits that touch the lives of the employees and their families. Beyond these there are policies and programs that are focused towards asset building and future security for employees by offering assets on retirement at lower price
  • Aditya Blrta Awards for Outstanding Achievement is the highest Ievel of recognition at the Group level which is an annual event that honors both Individuals and teams
  • PRIDE (Perfarmance Recognition in Delivering Excellence) is a business level monetary recognition program for employees who excel in delivering business critical projects or assignments
  • Unit Level / Business Level Recognition Programs recognize individual and team achievements at the business level. Eg. ABFSG Day (Aditya Birla Financial Services Group) & Galaxy (UltraTech Cement Ltd.)
  • Appreciation cards are a practice for spontaneously recognizing and appreciating good work of peers and teams widely used at all of the Aditya Birla Group offices.

At the Aditya Birla Group, we believe the focus should be on the whole, not just the parts! The Group encourages you to fulfil your personal and social needs, not just your professional development. You will find a range of benefits from individual and family benefits, a supportive work environment, corporate social responsibility platforms and other designed in line with your evolving personal needs and priorities. To fulfil you just need to be yourself!

A World of Enriched Living to build a wholesome life

At the Aditya Birla Group, we believe the focus should be on the whole, not just the parts! The Group encourages you to fulfill your personal and social needs, not just your professional development. You will find a range of benefits from individual and family benefits, to a supportive work environment, to corporate social responsibility platforms and other benefits designed in line with your evolving personal needs and priorities. To fulfill you just need to be yourself!

Enablers for opportunities to lead an enriched life
In our endeavor to build an enriched life for our employees we:
- Ensure their overall wellbeing and improvement of their quality of life
- Drive the philosophy of care amongst employees across the Group
- Work towards safety of our employees and creation of an enabling environment
  • Vitamin H is an informative portal which offers all health and wellness related information with a range of possible solutions for employees and their family members
  • Life Unlimited is our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides free and confidential counseling support to address and resolve issues that are important for employees and their families
  • Annual Health Check-Up is offered to employees at all business locations providing them a detailed health report along with a doctor consultation. This program is also extended to family members at a discounted rate
  • Add More To Life (AMTL) is a Quality of Life initiative in townships through which we create an urban and modern life experience for employees and families at our manufacturing locations
  • Infrastructural Support at Units & Offices includes hospitals, gymnasiums and yoga classes thereby promoting a healthy life
  • Telemedicine Facilities in our remote locations provide the best of healthcare at the doorstep at a minimal cost
  • Maternity Support Program is a combination of various benefits that will support a woman employee during her maternity phase as well as when she comes back to work
  • The AWOO Scholarship Program: A World of Opportunity Foundation is a registered charitable trust. It is committed towards providing timely educational scholarships to deserving and capable youths. It aims at providing scholarships to needy and deserving students for undergraduate and postgraduate professional courses with an aim to increase their employment opportunities. These can also be children of our workmen and supervisors.
  • Policies encouraging Work Life Balance
    - flexible work arrangement is offered to employees
    - Compulsory Annual Leave encourages employees to avail a break by allowing for only 50% of the annual privilege leave entitlement to be carried forward
  • Pratibha Scholarships is a Group wide employee scholarship program offered to employees' children pursuing higher education. This Is provided for both Under Graduate and Post Graduate programs across the world
  • Near Relations Policy enables and encourages our existing employees to refer their competent and professionally qualified relatives (including spouse and children) thereby extending our "World of Opportunities" to the family
  • Code Red is the Aditya Birla Group Emergency Helpline which is a 24x7 service available that caters to any kind of exigency faced by employees and their families
  • Pre Trip Advisory (PTA) is a service provided to all Aditya Birla Group International advisories and alerts related to safety, travel and medical risks of the country / destination.
  • A safe, secure and nondiscriminatory working environment is attained by building awareness and educating each employee on the subject of prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Vibes & Team Vibes is a platform which enables employees to voice their feedback about the organizational practices as well as helps the Group to understand the employee's expectations
  • Creation of Communities at the Adltya Birla Group:
    - World of Women Network
    - Retiree Network-'For Old Times' Sake' website
    - Wellness Champions
A World Of Opportunities awaits you.
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