Assistant Manager - Category Woven Kurtis-Jaipur

Job Description:
1. Mapping markets of global woven womens wear - Map global and India women woven wear market through various primary and secondary information sources.
Map each hub development partner ie HEPs (hub excellence partners) SUPs (scale up partners) & ROPs (rub-off partners) in terms of capacities, product basket, market segmentation etc.
Execute evaluation of HEPs, SUPs & ROPs based on credibility & interest in promoting VSF based products.
Develop and establish system of continuous information flow across the business development verticals on development in hubs.
2. Widen the adoption base in Woven Women Wear Market by promotion of BC - woven womens wear in designated Region - Lead the product and application development activities in womens woven wear in hubs (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pali, Balotra in specific). 
Enthuse hub development partners (HEPs, SUPs & ROPs) for potential orders of Birla Cellulose based products by showcasing the design collection created by the design teams.
Prepare technical and costing profile of products being showcased to hub development partners.
Ensure complete marketing and technical support during execution of order by co-ordaining with different business development verticals.
3. Ensure sustainable volumes of Birla Cellulose  in woven womens wear segment by
arresting Imports of competing products in hub value chain - Develop and establish system of capturing market information on imports of competing products.
Promote Birla Cellulose among importers by continuous interactions and educating them about BC value offerings.
Design and propose strategy to arrest imports which can give advantage to value chain partners in terms of price/cost economics and enhanced product features.
4. Enhance LIVA brand visibility hubs to increase VSF volumes - Identify branding needs of HEPs/ SUPs with regular interaction and visits.
Co-ordinate with branding team to design the solutions based on the requirement.
Facilitate branding initiatives in hubs with special reference to the brand LIVA
5. Understand business model and map market for Labels Manufacturing Womenswear / Woven Tops - Map online and offline markets & create a database of Labels having potential to use our Products.
Shortlist Label Partners Based on their capabilities and potential.
Develop relationship, understand their business model.
6. Identify interested Labels partners and work with them to create a LIVA cobranded Labels - Introduce the Label Partners to the support which can be provided by us.
Update and introduce them to the USP of our product in all the aspects like Technical/ Commercial/ Market/ & Consumer Perspective 
Work with them to increase the Share of LIVA Fabrics in their range.
7. Strengthen BC product library - Identify and collect innovative products from HEPs and Hubs.
Share the sample with product library at TRADC to have exhaustive product collection from hubs.
Track on a regular basis through MIS provided by TRADC.
8. Knowledge & Information Management  (MIS) - Develop & implement system for tracking import of Viscose based yarns in India, Viscose fibre prices in international markets, specifically trends in China.
Develop and establish system of periodic data collection from all the business development verticals.
Track hub development volumes/ Category tagging, across the segments (regular and incremental), achieved through BC product development with HEPs and in Hubs and furnishing MIS on the same.
Prepare hub development updates for BRCs and other senior management reviews.

Graduate (preferably B.Tech - Textiles) with 3-5 yrs exp in Garment Buying / Export house. Experience in Merchandising, fashion designing, sourcing,  Garment, fabric manufacturing. 

Minimum Experience Level:
3 - 5 Years

Report to:
Deputy General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.