Manager Production & Operations MonoChloro Acitic Acid ( BB Puram - AP)

Job Description:
Job Purpose : Monitor, implement and control production activities so as to achieve targeted production of particular VAP product in all shifts while meeting optimum levels of safety, quality and cost controls

Principal Accountabilities

Key Area of contribution + Accountability Statement
Supporting Actions

Co-ordinate and implement various activities to achieve production targets within time schedule & budget

  • Implement production processes
  • Check plant performance parameters on daily basis and report
  • Implement set operation parameters and consumption norms
  • Share management decisions/plans down the line for better execution
  • Timely arrange for consumables in the plant
  • Ensure proper and timely dispatches of goods in coordination with marketing
  • Close co-ordination with service deptt.

Product Quality:
Implement process parameters for quality requirements as per customer needs

  • Monitor & Maintain process quality parameters
  • Control parameters to optimize consumption of chemicals
  • Reduce chronic losses like salt and purification chemicals by process optimization
  • Monitor and implement the quality improvement job

Plant Performance:
Implement plans to ensure optimum plant performance for achieving targets

  • Support in implementation of maintenance activities (in coordination with engineering) to ensure minimum losses
  • Follow Standard Operating Procedures for maximum efficiency and less damage
  • Check & inform breakdown failures, shutdown losses, etc. to maintenance department
  • Coordinate with maintenance department for availability of manpower and spare equipment when required

Operational efficiency & Continuous Improvement
Check process conditions to improve the operational efficiency

  • Apply different problem solving tools to reduce the breakdowns
  • Check process parameter deviations
  • Debottleneck and follow SOPs to avoid any damages
  • Manage the shift activities and prepare daily reports
  • Timely make available all material, resources and infrastructure to the team for efficient operations
  • Create the environment to increase participation of team by kaizen, R & R, communication

System Management (Safety, Sustainability & WCM):
Adhere to safety & statutory environmental requirements

  • Adhere to safety norms & safe operational procedures
  • Adhere to OHSAS & SA 8000 & WCM and sustainability norms
  • Handle emergency situations like Liquid Chlorine leakages etc. under Disaster Management activities
  • Train the team to comply with these norms
  • Implement PSM and WPS standards & norms

Customer Service
Maintain system and procedures for customer delight

  • Identify internal and external customer needs & take timely action on the same
  • Initiate corrective actions, when needed
  • Implementation of suggestion/feedback of customer for better product quality.

B Tech Chemical + 10 Plus Years of Experience in Production from a Speciality Chemical Industry

Minimum Experience Level:
9 - 12 Years

Report to:
Department Head - Production & Operations

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.