Front Level Officer - Bleaching, Fabric Process House-Rishra, West Bengal

Job Description:

Job Purpose: To manage Shift operations & production targets

Job Deliverables:


Productivity- To achieve the targeted productivity of the shift , To plan and organize activities with regard to man, machine, materials and method (4M�s) so as to achieve targeted production and consistent quality for better productivity and revenue generation of the assigned shift through better team work and safety. � To handle shifts in order to achieve production targets while maintaining quality. � Total responsibility and accountability of shift through proper utilization of resources with ability to take spot decision at his level best. � Planning and day to day activities, communication, utilization of machineries, manpower and available resources. � To achieve target productivity and improve quality with proper training of workmen. � To engage hands as per target and reduce hands as and when required. � To monitor smooth working of materials.


Quality- To ensure desired quality of the product in each stage of processing in the shift, � To Increase efficiency and reduce damage by continuous monitoring.

� To reduce the machine breakdown by improving the machine cleaning and self maintenance activities.


Cost- To maintain desired level of cost of production


Delivery- � Plan, organize and control all activities pertaining to a particular shift like resource management, overall equipment efficiency and utilization of machine, maintaining quality of product in every stage of the process To maintain 100% in process OTIF.� To chase up production to solve problems and handle troubleshooting.


Innovation-To ensure effective working of WCM Level-I teams


Others: � To maintain WCM activities in the shift, housekeeping and checking the SQC reports for all type of products in between the process. � Coordination between related departments.

� Take a feedback from the operators of each machine regarding quality and productivity

B. Tech / Diploma in textile Chemistry

Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:
Deputy Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.