SH Dyeing

Job Description:
  1. Developing Dyed/Melange shades as per sample
  2. Handle complete dye house
  3. Expertise in Datacolour and other equipments

  1. Technical capability about development of dyed or melange color yarn
  2. Capable to match reference yarn through fibre shade matching for development purpose
  3. Able to understand customer requirement/expectation of dyed/melange yarn in term of shade matching & other aspect like fasteness, etc
  4. Know how about fibre dyeing process & color matching technique
  5. Knowledge of yarn quality test data.
  6. Able to handle dye house of 10mt/day capacity
  7. Know how to prepare dye recipe for dyeing and matching
  8. Dyeing equipment, hydro extractor, dryer, etc
  9. Familiar with delta values of datacolour CIE, spectrophotometer operations

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Senior Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.