Team Member Capex Upstream-Mumbai

Job Description:
  • Procurement of key raw materials for Aluminium Business.
  • Assist in formulation andImplementation of strategy for procurement of key raw materials for Aluminium Business by creating synergy by taking benefits of economy of scale knowledge integration vendor development and rationalization.
  • Planning organizing monitoring implementing and controlling procurement of key raw materials for the Aluminium Business within budgeted costs with an objective to control costs and support the plants in containing their operating costs.
  • Ensure that systems and procedures are followed to ensure smooth functioning of the entire Supply Chain. To assist in formulation and monitoring of strategies for procurement of key Raw Materials of desired quality on a sustainable basis Mitigation of Risks and Developing Global Sourcing to theAluminium Business at a competitive price.
  • Assist in preparation of Strategy for procurement of Key Raw Materials-Procurement of key raw materials-Coordination with Plants.


B.Tech/ B.E

Minimum Experience Level:
3 - 5 Years

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.