Assistant Manager - Textiles Supply Chain- Mumbai

Job Description:

To Accredit fabricators for the supply of quality BC fibre based fabrics - • Identify fabricators across India having the capability, willingness and infrastructure of making quality BC fibre based fabrics. 

• Evaluate & Accredit them based on their competencies and merit

• Audit the accredited partners on a timely basis and support them in all possible aspects.

Suggest new vendors/Assess existing vendors for co-branding partners, thus ensuring BC fibre inputs and quality of their fabric supplies as per BC stds - • Ascertain and ensure the primary input/RM as BC fibre and suggest alternate sources in case of non BC

• Indentify their production and QA issues related to fabrics and provide TTS.

• Regular quality checks by testing their bulk as and when required

• Tracking orders and status of BC fibre based fabrics done by our co-branding partners.

To source and ensure timely delivery of quality fabrics for all bulk enquiries generated by front end team. -

• To understand fabric specs, price, desired performance stds, order quantity for narrowing down to a vendor/s.

• Check for existing stock with vendor/TRADC for smaller orders.

• Facilitate/Liaison between front end and vendor for the supply of quality fabrics in desired time frame.

To provide sourcing, BD, technical/QA support to accredited partners from time to time for BC based products to help in achieving business volumes  - • To connect/audit accredited partners and understand their requirements for support.

• Understand their existing infrastructure, running qualities, processes in detail and suggest modifications in case of deviations from stds

• Encourage them to showcase their developments to us/share our developments of related fabrics for business growth.



• Maintaining/updating specific data related to accredited partners (like capacity, product developments etc) to understand their capabilities.

• Monitoring their RM inputs for ensuring sustainable growth of BC fibre based products. 

B.Tech. - Textile Technology

Minimum Experience Level:
3 - 5 Years

Report to:
Deputy General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.