Function Head- Safety & Environment-Tikiri, Rayagada

Job Description:
  • The FHSE is responsible for the design implementation communication and coordination of all occupational health environmental and safety programs for the Unit.
  • This position will develop and provide technical and administrative direction on all OH Safety & Environment Decisions which bear critical importance to overall Division objectives operations and profitability.
  • OH Safety & Environment Management System.
  • Manage the implementation promotion and coordination of Safety & Environment initiative and activities within the business unit to minimise the risk of harm to people and environment specifically.
  • Risk Management: Manage the risk management activities of the Unit.
  • Business Planning: Ensure the risk management activities within the business UnitConsultation and Communication.
  • Legislative Compliances.
  • Sustainability

PG Diploma in HSE and MSC/M.Tech in Environment

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Unit Head & President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.