Engineer - Central Mechanical Maintenance - Grasim Harihar

Job Description:
Unit specific Challenges
1. Machine 1 & 2 were developed in house, it's very old technology - which limits productivity, quality and cost optimization.
2. Machine 1 & 2 doesn't have Digital Control System (DCS) which impacts manpower cost and process controls.
3. Line workmen technical competency is not at the desired level due to their current qualification
4. Quality of fibre produced in line 3 is superior compared to 1 & 2 hence effective bargain with customer to accept product from line 1& 2 is a challenge
5. Producing benchmark quality fibre by using in house pulp is a challenge
6. High energy consumption in the process due to usage of old technology
7. Maximizing CS2 recovery from the current level is a challenge due old technology
8. Reduction of Fugitive emission in the work environment which poses health hazard
9. Maintaining of consistent quality with the existing input raw materials
Job Description:
1. Ensure availability of equipment in operating conditions to deliver the desired production targets with quality
2. Ensure spares and raw material Inventory are available as per the desired stock levels to ensure no disruption in production activities
3. Monitor and analyse Downtime with Root cause to reduce its impact on Cost, Quality and Delivery
4. Assist plants in leading Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) for major risk projects by providing expert support in PHA methodologies.
5. Participate in Process Safety Event investigations/root cause analysis to provide guidance to all plants. In conjunction with site management teams, track progress of corrective actions where business wide issues are identified.
6. Ensure Safety and Environment awareness among employees and training wherever required
7. Identify and maintain spares required for carrying out timely maintenance activity

B.E. Mechanical Engineer with minimum of 2 -5 Years of Experience

Minimum Experience Level:
3 - 5 Years

Report to:
Engineer / Assistant Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.