AGM / DGM - Environment ,Health & Safety ( Rehla - Jharkhand)

Job Description:

Key Area of contribution + Accountability Statement

Supporting Actions

1.      Implementation & Monitoring

Implement and monitor the planned EHS actions to achieve the EHS objectives


·      Implementation of mitigation plan through risk analysis

·      Facilitating the use of tools/techniques by employees and continuously evaluation for its effectiveness.

·      Tools & Techniques opted :

(a) J.S.A.       (b)  HAZOP

(b) HAZAN   (d)  Self-Assessment Questionnaire

(e) Change management process

(f)Aspect impact analysis

·      Selection of appropriate PPEs based on the hazards by conducting the hazard assessment and job/risk exposure

·      Ensure the PPEs are procured in time and made available to all concerned

·      Auditing and periodically assessing to find out effectiveness of PPE

·      Develop systems for cost effective use of PPEs

·      To Fill, upload application and Technical liaison with respect to NOC and CCA at regional office and Head office of GPCB for Chemical Processing, Bulk Drugs and Dyes & Intermediates

·      Environmental Impact Assessment study from application preparation to ToR and EC Presentation at SEIAA for Chemical Process Industry. EIA studies for various chemical sector projects

·      To carry out Environment Audits of Schedule 1 and 2 with authorized agencies and Internal Environment audits

2.      System Compliances: Implement EHS compliance related actions within time frame for zero non-conformance

·     Providing updated safety regulations to managers through training programs and interaction with individuals

·     Coordinating with the concerned department by extending internal and external help to ensure compliance.

·     Ensure all compliances are up to date.

·     Liaison with the pollution control board officials

·     Hazardous waste management.

·     Coordinating environmental improvement projects

·     Shifting of hazardous waste to the authorized locations as approved by State Pollution Control Board.

·     Checks that all safety standards are met in storage and transportation of hazardous materials.

·     Ensure compliance of all statutory requirements of State PCB, CPCB, MOEF, PESO, GFR, Position License etc.

·     Natural resources conservations measure across the plant.

·     Be updated about regulatory changes wrt EHS and implement in co-ordination with DH.

·     Liaison with Factory Inspectorate & PESO, CPCB

·     Co-ordinate with AMAI,ICC,NSC and meet  their requirement

·     Co-ordinate with concerned department and extend help for compliance of ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 to sustain certifications


3.      Emergency Preparedness: Maintain, Monitor & get Reviewed emergency preparedness systems (on site and off site) and procedures to ensure safe and secured work environment for all stakeholders


·     Develop site emergency plan and procedure.

·     Develop emergency plan for incidents related to the respective units together with that of occurring outside the unit premises.

·     Identify the risk area in coordination with the concerned department

·     Conduct training on emergency preparedness.

·     Ensure Procurement of necessary equipment

·     Ensure Mock-Drill is conducted at regular intervals; identify the gaps and developing the action plan to arrest the gaps.

·     Co-ordinate with Local District, State & Central Crisis Management Authorities

4.      Management Programmes & Action Plans:  Guide, audit and monitor and get reviewed departmental action plans for EMP, OHSAS MP to achieve continual improvement in the standards of safety & environment in the departments


·      Plan  annual EMP and OHSAS MP

·      Action to implement the targeted EMP and OHSAS MP

·      Review EMP and OHSAS MP by Audit

·      Department related documentation of ISO and OHSAS.

·      To support CA and VAPS during IMS implementation process.

·      To ensure integration with existing EHS system

5.      Training & Development: Execute and monitor EHS annual training calendar to bridge the gap of identified training needs for stakeholders

·     To put in place need based safety training Plan based on  appraisal feedback, discussion with HODs

·     Ensure that Units prepare and implement department-wise training schedule and calendar

·     Providing External/Internal resources for training

·     Impart safety training to new entrants (contractor, workmen, staff i.e. induction on safety)

·     Evaluation of training to assess its effectiveness

·     Develop & Train cross functional members in Site Emergency Response Team (ERT)

6.      Safety Practices and Work Plans: Execute and monitor Safety practices and work plans through Work Place Safety and Process Safety Management to strengthen the safety culture

·     Analysis and compilation of  the result of subcommittees 

·     Manage and present to management Performance measurement  as leading , current and lagging indicators

·     Provide support to sub committees of site for implementation of safety system.

·     To ensure implementation of standers, approved by steering committee of chemical business.

·     Display of safety visuals in related area to improve awareness of employees   -

7.      Occupational Health Centre: Develop and monitor Occupational Health Centre policies and procedures to comply with statutory provisions and to establish an effective occupational health support system

·     Develop & implement process related to employee health

·     Manage First Aid  & other medical facilities

·     Regular Health check-ups

·     Review and analysis of medical cases and submit to APEX / Unit Head

·     Advice DH’s for preventive measure to control hazards at work places related to health.

8.      Fire Prevention and Protection System: Maintain and monitor effective fire prevention and protection system for control of fire losses.

·     Identifying the risk prone areas

·     Develop risk management audit as requirement/standards

·     Periodical inspection of the equipment/instruments of fire and emergency.

·     Conduct loss prevention audit

9.      EHS awareness campaign: Facilitate & execute EHS awareness campaign & motivational programs to inculcate a sustainable & safe work culture

·     Action according to unit level planed EHS awareness campaign and motivational program.

·     Prepare literatures related to program.

·     Organize various competitions and quiz.

·     Manage the event

10.  Environment System: Facilitate & execute EHS awareness campaign & motivational programs to inculcate a sustainable & safe work culture

·      Close monitoring of environment parameters.

·      Maintain environment related parameters as per Company’s & applicable statutory & Regulatory Requirements (within process limits).