Technical Sales Manager - VAP ( Value Added Products)

Job Description:

Principal Accountabilities:

 Accountability  Supporting Actions - 

1.  Implementation and Execution of sales & marketing plan for identified product and for  the region to achieve the targeted Sales Volume, revenues and realization targets.
-To identify, develop and negotiate with customers and channel partners to achieve sales target as per budgeted sales plan.
- Fixation of sales & collection target for channel partners and monitor their performance at periodic intervals.
-To identify and propose developing new customer for driving sales volume.
-To maintain sustainable business with key customer.
-To implement the approved price strategy as formulated and suggested by Product and VAP- Head.

2. To support product.

-Head in Planning, monitoring the inventory of Finished Goods, control on receivables to have focused approach on targets & effective utilizations of resources & financial controls.
-To help product Head in preparation of monthly/quarterly sales & NSR projections & weekly review of targets & prepare/ propose action plan.
- Review monthly and daily dispatch plan to keep finish goods level in permissible limits in synchronization with production plan. 
-To Monitor, co-ordinate and follow-up with customers and dealers for payment within the stipulated time period.
-To assist product Head in Credit limit assessment and fixation.
-Provide insights on pricing to the product manager. Wherever required, get the price corrected on case-to-case basis. Take necessary approvals & file them.
-Ensure timely receipts of payments & timely disbursal of commission to the channel partners.
-Review continuous ugahi update from the sales account team and take actions.
-Timely issue of credit note from CSA to customers.
-Co-ordinate with Plant F&A team to ensure timely disbursal of payment to channel partners.


Have complete understanding of the demand in the allocated geography and products. Identify key competitors and track pricing.

-Study their products at regular interval by collecting their sample
-Prepare a data base of all the demand and competition of the respective products in the allocated geography.
-Attend conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc and discuss the trends, demand/supply and new developments.

4. Customer & Plant Visits to provide enhanced customer service

- Prepare a monthly visit plan for routine visit to customers and plant. 
- Manage customers whenever there is a deviation from the forecasted demand or issues 
- Understand the application of products and their process.

5. Complaint resolution. 

- On receipt of a complaint from customer/channel partner lodge a complaint
- Ensure the complaint has been resolved in a timely manner  


Adhere to the guidelines given by product manager.
- Work with product manager to finalize the credit limit, credit period and security deposit.
- Explain the concept of agreement, credit limit, credit period and security deposit to dealers.
- Roll out the agreements.

B-Tech Chemical + MBA

Minimum Experience Level:
9 - 12 Years

Report to:
Product Manager - VAPs

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.