Team Member - Merchandising , PLanning , Replenishment Personal Care Paper & Tissue (Mumbai)

Job Description:

 Job Context:

• Driving vendor fill rate by effective way of master management and continues follow up with suppliers on low fills sku.

• Weekly out of stock review with category managers which help to react  on issues leading to supply constrain.

• Monthly vendor meetings on reviewing fill rates and store availability. 

• Monthly ROS calculation in order to keep store MBQ in line with current rate of sales, periodic review of SUF by taking inputs from DC

Inbound team and update master accordingly.

• Vendor scheduling / receiving plan helps in smooth receiving at dc.

• Seasonal / festival buying plan help in proper planning to avoid stock outs and sale loss.

Major Challenges:

• Manually Calculating mbq

• Aligning Vendor Delivery schedules

• Manually planning promotional/seasonal/event impacts on inventory

• Transitional issues : vendor unloading problem at dc’s

• Master hygiene

• Freshness at the time of receiving

 KRA (Accountabilities)  


 KRA1 Vendor Management Building vendor relationship with collaborative approach to ensure higher availability.


 KRA2 Inventory management Optimizing Inventory by using statistical models for calculating MBQ/Ros Etc.


 KRA3 Master Management Ensuring vendor master accuracy to minimize the timing on GRN process, maintaining Hygiene to minimizes service losses.


 KRA4 Promotional and seasonal planning Planning for promotional and seasonal sku.

BCom, BA, MBA, PG Diploma

Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.