Officer - MIS

Updated: August 02, 2018
Organization: Jayashree Textiles

Job Description:
Job Purpose:

·         To prepare monthly profit & loss account of the Linen yarn department.

·         To analyze the deviations in parameters relating to all the functional departments against the fixed standards ( Parta and Monthly targets) and highlight these deviations to the management for immediate corrective actions.

·         To analyze the daily report.

To regularly update the data from SAP and have a control over them

Job Context:

·         Linen yarn department caters to two main business being conversion of flax into linen yarn and purchase of yarn from the market. Both flax and yarn are imported. Due to fluctuation in exchange rate, impact on the business has to be analyzed.

·         There is a concept of captive transfer of yarn to fabric department .The transfer pricing rate has to be properly analyzed.

·         Complete automation of data on Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP) is a major challenge.

Key Responsibilities:


Supporting Actions

Data Analysis

·         Analysis of data to control the losses.

·         Collecting relevant information on time.

·         Concurrently updating the knowledge and indicating the management about any anamoly by various data analysis.

Planning & Budgeting


·         Ensure that the planning and Budgeting are done taking into consideration of all the possible parameters

·         Trend analysis & research for future projections


System Integration


·         Integration of the Parta System with other departments

·         To study  the current system and to enhance the same.

Information Integration






·         Necessary information is collected on time from the departments and continuous monitoring of the existing system.

·         Preparation of reports on time

·         Ensure that the highlights are sent to the Management for immediate corrective actions

·         Ensure that Monthly Targets and Monthly Progress Reports are sent in time.


Daily Report

·         Preparation and analysis of daily report.


Key Value Driver (KVD)

·         Preparation of various reports like KVD and analysis of the same.

Monthly Reports

·         Monthly progress reports to be prepared and timely sent to management.

Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP)

·         To ensure that the data is updated in SAP and properly authorized .To access the data from SAP and analyze the same.

CA / M.Com / ACA, ICWA

Minimum Experience Level:
3 - 5 Years

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.