Team Member - Executive, Accounts

Job Description:

1. Promptly Accounting and Payment of Expenses.

2. Compliance of TDS Provisions (including timely payment & filing of returns).

3. Regularly Monitoring of Bank Balances to avoid irregularity & fraud.

4. Regular follow-up with customers for recovery of funds.

5. Periodic Reconciliation of Accounts.

Booking & Payments


a. Reimbursement of Expenses to employees by cash, cheque and direct fund transfers, by accounting in proper heads.

b. Travel Accounting and travel agents bill booking.

c. Preparing MIS of car expenses.

d. Direct fund transfer for Mediclaims.



a. To provide accounting support to facilitate carrying on the activities of the Company by timely cheques.

b. Vouchers preparation for Monthly Rent.

c. Professional Retainership Fees.

d. Car Rental,

e. Group Companies Debit Note.

f. SAP coordination.

Compliance under TDS Provisions


a. Correct deduction of TDS as per provisions of Income Tax.

b. Monthly payment & Filing of TDS return within the prescribed time limit.

c. Updation of Party Master in SAP i.e. PAN No., Address etc. for issuing TDS Certificate.

d. Filing TDS return within the prescribed time.

e. Issuing of TDS certificate.

Bank Reconciliations


a. Bookings and Payments.

b. Periodic Bank Reconciliations.

c. Reconciliation of Debtors / Creditors Account



Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.