Department Head - Human Resources

Updated: July 25, 2018
Organization: Vikram Woollens

Job Description:

Job Purpose:

To review and implement Personnel Policies & Procedures, Human Resource System in order to ensure Industrial peace, develop motivated workforce, ensure smooth administration in the Plant to help the Unit to achieve its Business Goals



Business/SBU/Unit Revenue

Vikram Woollens - INR 942116 p.a. for FY 2016

Unit Workforce Number

Total Workforce - 335

Function Workforce Number

Total Workmen - 280

Department Workforce Number

Management Cadre - 48

Other    Quantitative    and   Important

Parameters   for   the   Job:  Budgets/

Volumes/No.   of   Products/Geography/

Markets/   Customers   or   any  other




NSV of Rs. 100 Crore



  • The area is criminally sensitive and this puts pressure on the position to ensure safe working and harmonious relations among the employees and at the shop floor.  
  • The Unit is situated at 25 Kms from the Gwalior city. In the absence of any township the employees stay in the city. This poses challenge for coordination of various activities of the Plant
  • To maintain the LTS up to 2016. 
  • To establish working with reduced manpower cost continuously
  • To keep away Trade Unions, elements of surrounding area are continuously eyeing
  • Turnover of workforce is high, so it is challenge to maintain skilled manpower in full, always.
  • Being crucial sensitive areas in this pressure to ensure safe working & harmonious relations among the employees & at shop floor 
  • Ensure multi skill of employees 


Key Result Areas/Accountabilities

Supporting Actions

Personnel Plan, regularly update & implement the units  personnel policy and    rules    for    smooth    plant operations.

Discusses   with   the   unit   head/managers/collects

information from relevant sectors for amending/ updating

the  personnel  policies  Regularly  interact  with  the

employees on the unit and from other nearby plants

Develop and implement an effective system for database of employee s record,  deployment  of  worker  & manage the salary and wages of the

employees  correctly  and  coordinate with  accounts  for  the  payment  on time.

Personnel  file/records  maintenance  Salary  and  wage

preparation  PF/ESI  returns  on  time  Distribution  of  the

salary to employees through a/c dept. Directs & approves

shift operations Directs for collection of attendance and

leave data for workers and also of staff (Mg al & Clerical)

Ensure that the welfare activities for employees are run cost effectively

Running  of  Canteen,  buses,  medical  facilities,  Sports

Activities, Get together Picnics Organizing social event

Industrial  Relation  Ensure  industrial peace by restricting union formation, implement long-term wage settlement with the workers &  Bonus


  If needed recruit workers from different parts of India and

not  allowing  majority  of  workers  from  on  part/region

Dealing  directly  with  the  workers  Shop  floor  meetings

daily and solve any issue there in order to avoid distrust

Plans  and  implement  an  effective grievance handling system, disciplinary systems in the unit in line with the legal provisions in order to create a    conducive  working environment  in  the  unit  and  avoid disruption of activities

Directs issue of notices in case of an act of indiscipline

Prepare & Issue charge sheet Ensuring domestic/external

enquiries Ensuring strict actions Pursuing the legal cases

on such cases in the court of law Counseling of workers,

discussing  with  the  concerned  persons/and  bringing

substantive issue in the notice of unit head

Coordinates  the  implementation  of

the community development

Scholarships to meritorious children, Health/ Cleanliness

Camp in nearby Villages Society meetings

Administration - Develop,    ensure

Implementation and monitors various administration functions for smooth running of plant with cost effectively.


Transport  arrangement,  Canteen,  horticulture,  security,

telephone  etc  Liaise  with  Govt.  official  local  leaders, panchayat, AKVN etc., Plant Safety, Security etc.

Human  Resource  Co-ordinate  the implementation of all the corporate / policies related to HR and

initiate unit level HR systems.

Poornata:  To  Implement  &  maintain  workforce  Admn,

Performance  Management  System  &  other  required

information  regarding  Employees.  Data  collection  on

Compensation Training  Ensure (Behavioral & Technical)

to upgrade the skill of the employees. Coordination of

post OHS action plan at unit.

Legal  Compliance  Coordinates  and

prepares for all statutory compliance

related to labour laws

Liaise with the advocates Govt. officials etc Represent the

unit in the court of law along with legal advisors Liaise

with Govt. officials related to Engineering dept.

Ensure the audit of quality systems -


Quarterly  audit,  documentation  etc.  Documentation,

Implementation of System, arrangement of Internal Audit,

clearance  of  NCs  and  arrange  External  Audit  &  its



PGDM - Management (PM / IR)

Minimum Experience Level:
16 - 20 Years

Report to:
Senior Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.