Front Line Executive - Medical Bimarla

Job Description:

1. Cost control of Medicine, control the misuse of medicine:

To develop through awareness programme among employees.
2. To ensure that an employee is medically fit:
Encourage employees and villagers also for natural health therapy like yoga & exercise.
3. P.M.E. under Mines Act, 1952:
As per Mines Act.
4. Checking and verification of medical bills as per company rules:
Checked and verified according to Doctor’s prescription/ as per company rules.
5. Good & healthy relations between company and villagers:
To help in mining operation activities, organize and attend several medical camp in villages surrounding mining area.
6. Social Accountability:
Free treatment and consultation to villagers.
Setting up medical campaigns periodically.

Providing vacation against epidemic.

7. Treatment of the Employee & Villagers:

Treatment done in First Aid Room.


8. Provide Medicine:Distribution of Medicines

9. Rural Medical Camp:
As per schedule give treatment and distribute medicine in rural medical camps.
10. Handle Patient’s who cannot be treated in First Aid Room:
Referred to CMO Sadar Hospital, Kujam 2, RIMS, Ranchi
11. Periodical Medical Examination & Initial Medical Examination:
P.M.E. & I.M.E. done of the 20% Employee per annum
12. Treatment of the serious patients:
Indoor treatment given in the four bed hospital provided
13.Reduce the Budget
Minimum referring, distribute medicine only as per requirement, indent medicine which are having minimum cost but good in quality


Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.