SH Taxation

Updated: November 30, -0001
Organization: Mahan Aluminium Project

Job Description:

Statutory Compliance

To ensure timely accurately payment of taxes, timely submission and correctly submission of tax return and timely issue of certificates as per tax requirement.
Excise & Service Tax
  • To ensure maintenance of proper record  and return as per statute
  • To maintain the export records and timely communicate to appropriate authorities.
  • To get minimum audit points from Excise Authority
    EPCG Licenses
    To Ensure to get all eligible installation certificate on time


  • To ensure timely and accurately payment of insurance premium

Ø  To ensure timely loge of insurance claim for losses of assets

To ensure timely respond for settlement of pending claim and getting refund of claim at the earliest
Sales Tax including Road Permit
  • To ensure compliance of Sales Tax Act
  • Follow up for C form & F form.
  • Ensure timely assessment
    Ensure adequate control over Road Permits and Rail Permits. 

Review & Monitoring of Accounts Receivable

  • Ensure timely and correctly generation of invoices.
  • Ensure accuracy in maintenance of customer account.
    Proper control over credit note//debit note. And consignment sales
    Income Tax
  • To ensure compliance of TDS /TCS
  • To ensure timely advance tax calculation for the unit
  • To ensure proper accounting of data for 80 IA benefit
Project MIS
Ensure monthly project MIS preparation in time and in detail.


Minimum Experience Level:
9 - 12 Years

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.