Medical Officer (Deputy Manager / Manager)

Updated: November 30, -0001
Organization: Jayashree Textiles

Job Description:
Job Purpose:

·         To make people health, safety conscious and environment oriented both at work place and away so that they become and remain productive to the organization.

·         To alleviate suffering/ailments of the people.

·         To assist the Chief Medical Officer as second in line

·         Provide shift wise medical attention to ailing employees

Job Context & Challenges: 

1.     Proper diagnosis of ailment of a patient and guide him correctly / rightly to achieve maximum comfort for the sufferer (since our organisation is in isolated area)

2.     To bring down the injuries in the organisation.

3.     To effect mind set of people to adapt environmental measures.

To make people health conscious (by advising on safety & environment)



Supporting Actions

1.     Health – Workmen & Executives




1.1  . Attend all medical emergencies of surgical / non-surgical nature around the clock for employees and families

1.2  . General health checkup for all and keep track of employee’s health.

1.3   Executive health check up.

1.4   Carry Out medical health camps, medical counselling and advice to employees and families

2.  Care of people in Hazardous area

2.1 Care & Various test in identified areas as per schedule.

3.  Injuries and other ailments both in factory & colony




3.1   Immediate attention to all ailing employees in duty hours shift-wise

3.2   Contact with outside agencies eg. Specialist, hospital, nursing home etc.

3.3  Administer regular medicines

3.4  Attend to night-time casualties

4. Medical Centre

·         Carry out all deliverable of the Occupational Health centre

·         Attend to all statutory, ISO, Sustainability related requirements of the department

·         Ensure that all medical requirement be met as per WB. Factories Rules

·         Attend ailing workmen in plant IV & Worsted, or main plant in absence of other doctors

·         Meet ESI Related procedure for employee admissions

·         Attend all committee meetings as and when required

·         Collaborate & communicate with other HODs regarding fitness of concerned employees

5. MIS Reporting

·         To keep ready records of employee health profile & ensure that management is kept updated of medical / illness trends of employees

6. Pre-employment Health Checks

Health Checks of Staff & workmen


Minimum Experience Level:
9 - 12 Years

Report to:
Assistant General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.