Assistant Manager - Legal

Updated: November 30, -0001
Organization: Jayashree Textiles

Job Description:

Job Purpose:

o    To attend and follow up the cases of the company pending in different courts at Subdivision, District, ESI court, Tribunal, Consumer Forum,  M.M. Court, High Court, Supreme Court etc.

o    To keep regular touch and liaison with counsels, Court officials, Municipality, BL & LRO, Directorate of Textiles, Central Valuation Board & other government officials.

o    To handle the land matters of the company such as survey, assessment, valuation etc.

o    To prepare various agreements and renewals there to pertaining to sales department and others.


Principal Accountabilities:


1.     Civil and Criminal Cases -

o    Doing Liaison with counsels, to initiate and attend the cases from time to time.

o    To defend the cases being filed against the company and always try to safeguard the interest of the company.


2.     ESI Cases -

o    To initiate and follow up the cases

o    Obtain stay order by challenging the alleged demand of the ESI Authorities.


3.     Land Matters -

o    To handle the land matters and doing liaison with BL & LRO and other officials.

o    Arranging payment land tax for the entire property of the unit.


4.     Municipal Matters -

o    Obtain Trade Licence, attending survey, assessment done by Central Valuation Board/ Municipality.

o    Arranging payment of quarterly municipal tax regularly.

o    Liaison with municipal officials.    




Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.