Assistant Manager - Human Resource Department

Job Description:


Supporting Actions

1.        Learning & Education

Coordinate & implement learning & developmental plans for continual updation & upgradation of capabilities of employees in line with changing business scenario


·         Timely preparation and finalization of TNI for employees through gap analysis, 360 degree feedback, analysis of appraisal.

·         Prepare IDPs & MDPs for employees

·         Prepare training calendar and estimate budget for approval.

·         Coordinate with Gyanodaya for nomination of employees in line with IDPs.

·         Identify & arrange training for Internal Trainers.

·         Prepare training modules as per identified needs. Support internal trainers in developing training modules.

·         Arrange  training programs (Internal & External)

·         Evaluate training effectiveness and initiate corrective actions.

·         Prepare monthly report highlighting training man hours, training cost.

·         Conduct training on identified topics

·         Maintain Training records in ELM & offline

·         Design customized functional/technical training module in support with line function and arrange training of employees

2.        Talent management

Coordinate & execute Talent Management Initiatives in line with GHR/BHR guidelines for career progression of employees & best utilization of their capabilities

·         Arrange workshop for senior management staff to have awareness on Potential Assessment

·         Co-ordinate with Senior management staff to respond on line to the questionnaire

·         Ensure timely completion of survey

·         Support senior in communicating DAC report to concerned employees

·         Implement MDP

3.        Employee Engagement

Effective implementation of recommendations of focused groups on vibes survey results

·         Execute timely response to survey by eligible employees

·         Arrange electronic facilities for response and guide employees in case of doubt.

·         Collect feedbacks from focused groups and support senior in drawing action plans

·         Execute action plans and communicate to employees the same

·         Conduct follow up actions to ensure impact on the survey results

·         Prepare reports on the progress

·         Design and conduct internal employee engagement and satisfaction survey


4.        Communication

Execute and implement timely communication to employees on relevant information through established channels

·         Contribute in making channels for communication to employees in support from seniors

·         Execute timely communication of relevant information to employees.

·         Prepare HR MIS on monthly basis and collate data for presentation in MDP.

·         Exhibit relevant information through various channels of communication like e-mail, Notice Boards, News- letters etc


5.        Safety, IMS, Sustainability solutions

       Execute and implement work plans of    

       Dupont sustainability solutions, SOPs

       pertaining to IMS and work plans of

       Sustainability solutions

·         Execute work plans as per Charter of Dupont sustainability solutions.

·         Prepare reports about progress

·         Implement communication initiatives

·         Execute activities pertaining to various campaigns

·         Follow SOPs pertaining to training programs

·         Execute activities as per work plan on Group sustainability solutions


6.  Employee care


     Effective roll out & further implementation of recreational activities by involving employees & their family members.


·         Co-ordinate with committee members   & Execute sports & cultural activities as per plan.

·         Execute various engagement activities to improve work life balance of employees & their families

·         Regular meeting with employees and their family members to understand their expectations and take appropriate actions to improve colony ambiance for overall satisfaction


7. Employee Reward, Recognition and Motivation


Implement various Employee reward, recognition and motivational schemes




 Implement various Employee recognition schemes in line with BHR strategy & industry best practices such as Kaizen Suggestion scheme, Instant Recognition scheme etc.

§  Design customized reward and recognition scheme as per unit requirements

§  Effective implementation of Group / Business Employee recognition schemes such as Pride Scheme, Chairman’s Awards  etc

§  Measure effectiveness of such schemes and its overall impact on the organization and Vibes results



Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:
Unit HR Head - Ganjam

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.