SH - E&I

Updated: November 30, -0001

Job Description:

4) Principal Accountabilities

Key Area of contribution + Accountability Statement

Supporting Actions

Machine Availability:

To ensure  that instruments and control systems availability and optimum efficiency

1. Support and plan activities for maintenance of equipment.

2. Coordinate with the other sections of department for smooth working

3. Anticipate future issues that might arise , and plan for sustained hassle free operations

4. Through Preventive & Proactive system, reduce break down to ensure zero prod loss

5. Implement counter actions / fool proofing for all breakdowns

E&I systems:

Develop and maintain the  electrical and instrumentation systems

1. Plan and develop electrical installation process.

2. Maintain the power distribution and grid network., panels, transformer and power stations,  PLC &/ DCs, SCADA control system and introduce or improve automation in process

3. Identify, develop and implement energy conservation initiatives

Vendor development:

Ensure development of vendors

1.  Collaborate with best available vendor and evaluate vendor at periodic intervals.

2.  Ensure availability of spare parts and maintain the optimized level within allocated budget and at minimum cost.


Implementation of CAPEX and major maintenance  and Improvement project

1. Adhere to the Revenue and CAPEX Budget by planning and procuring equipment, spares and frequently worn out consumables well in advance

2. Monitor expenditure for various equipment and taking corrective action in the areas of method , material and training,

3. Implement energy conservation initiatives, productivity improvement  and cost savings projects


Preventive Maintenance and CBM

1. Plan & Conduct maintenance schedules with respect to frequency, manpower, spares and production schedule.

2. Identify issues during preventive maintenance and its effects on deviation

3. Interpret results of CBM and take corrective action

WCM : Ensure effective deployment of WCM principles

1. Improve housekeeping in department

2. Adhere to 5S, Build awareness regarding Muda principles

3. Remain at par with the ongoing WCM drives in the organization

4. Ensure optimum utilization of natural resources for adhering to the Group sustainability vision

EHS : Ensure a sustainable working environment

1. Work with the team to ensure zero injury / zero incident

2. Plan strategically in creating a safe working environment in coordination with support services and Safety Department

3. Ensure 0 incident operation and training workmen in safety principles

4. Identify alternate & efficient power sources, equipment , cost benefit analysis for safer work condition and recommend to the management

Legal Requirement: Ensure compliance

1. Ensure regulatory norms and requirements both at state and central levels pertaining to electrical energy are fulfilled.

2. Obtain licenses for calibration of equipment as per requirement.

People Development: Ensure development of team

1. Energize subordinates to maximize their performance and productivity.
2. Create schedules for employees to ensure optimum staffing levels

3. Set ambitious production goals and communicate them to key personnel

4. Ensure skill development of workmen

BTech in Electrical and Instrumentation (Regular Course)
10-15 years work ex 
Plant experience must

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Deputy General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.