SH Quality Control

Updated: November 30, -0001

Job Description:

Key Area of contribution + Accountability Statement

Supporting Actions

Quality control – Process

1. Support all departments for the entire shift in production to ensure the product quality and following of regular practice/adherence of SOP. 
2. Manage and evaluate tools made as per drawing before taking mass production.

3. Communicate any problems or obstacles to senior management

4. Collaborate with all departments to reduce rejection and adhere to quality parameters

5. Follow up of product DOE and MOC for management changes

6. Preparation of SOP for new product and modification of running product

7. Ensure adherence to SOPs across all departments in the plant

8. Ensure quality of Die, profile, template, spindle and other related to product

9. Conduct monthly audit to ensure all the SOP parameters

10. Ensure DOE and MOC follow – up for all products

11. Ensure the consistency of product weight and dimensions

Efficiency / Cost control

1. Carry out QC-process activity in alignment with CAPEX and budget

2. Ensure efficiency of production through appropriate measures

3. Analyze and Implement cost control measures across all product lines

Process Improvement

1.Analyze and Recommend appropriate measures for process improvement

2. Work in collaboration with cross functional teams in order to identify areas of process improvement

3. Focus on simplification of process

People Development

1. Provide motivation, support and guidance to all employees
2. Create schedules for employees to ensure optimum staffing levels

3. Set ambitious quality  goals and communicate them to key personnel


1.Establish workflow policies that enhance speed and efficiency without compromising product safety or integrity

2. Ensure all employees follow industry standard health and safety guidelines

3. Adhere to Lean Principles such as 5S, Kaizen in areas of operation

BTech in Ceramics/Chemical/Related subjects
Prior experience in Process Control

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.