Team Member - Legal

Updated: March 20, 2019
Organization: Swiss Singapore Dubai

Job Description:

Job Purpose: To be  the legal counsel for Intl. trading business and effectively handle all the legal issues and mitigate the risk  with legal compliance in all business operations at various locations.


To study and review various pending litigations by and against the  business Globally. To expedite these litigations and arrive at early resolution in favor of the company or suggest settlement if that is commercially more viable than contesting. To incorporate learning from such litigations and suggest better practices wherever possible to avoid such litigations in future.


 To ensure legal compliance in all the offices of the business across the globe. To study the structure of various units and ensure compliance of various laws applicable to such units. To suggest best practices and structure for various branches, subsidiaries and representative offices. Also, to incorporate best corporate governance throughout the trading business.


To advise and assist business in various issues viz. contractual disputes, issues pertaining to Charter party, maritime law, shipping, international arbitrations, customs law etc. To suggest innovative solutions and measures to tackle different issues affecting business.


To implement effective contract management. To assist business in drafting various contracts, suggesting protection clauses for business which can minimize disputes and also give an advantage to the Business if dispute occurs. To work on digitization of documents


Work on asset acquisitions and other business expansion :To work on legal due diligence, documentation and other legal aspects of asset acquisitions .To advise on effective documentation, due diligence and various legal aspects of other business expansion viz. incorporation of new companies and investment/ acquisition in other companies.


Transfer Pricing : To ensure compliance and Norms of Transfer Pricing for Trade between branches, subsidiary and related entities.

Post Graduate

Minimum Experience Level:
13 - 15 Years

Report to:
Managing Director & CEO

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.