TM Compensation & BenefitLead

Updated: July 25, 2018
Organization: ABRL - Corporate

Job Description:

To ensure completion of Goal completion, mid year and annual performance review process


  • To ensure preparation of master – coverage of employees as part of the process as per group policies.


  • To support in preparation of communication kit (Goal Setting, Midyear process & Annual performance review) for HR team at formats /regions and  employees & managers in HO.


  • To ensure completion of process as per timelines through regular reminders and follow ups with the HODs. 


  • To support in conduct of trainings for HR team and employees on the process key aspects (goal setting, MYR & Annual performance review) and completion steps on Poornata.


  • To ensure accurate mapping of performance documents to respective managers as per the current structure.
  • To prepare/update compensation masters and perform analytics as per plan – performance, promotion, compensation history that supports in decision to accept  /amend the recommendations received.

  • To interact with the heads and support them to fill requisite templates for normalization and compensation recommendations.

  • To support in organizing Let’s Talk as part of the process.

  • To support in organizing training for MYR & Annual review process for employees and managers. 

    • To prepare the compensation proposal to be shared with the group for approval.
          • To support in release and communication of letters post completion of MYR and ACR process.


          • To ensure acknowledgements of all communication are received through constant communication with Format HR & Regional HR team.

        Variable payout workings finalization


Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:
General Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.