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Updated: November 30, 2017

Job Description:
Job Purpose :

Responsible for creating a conducive physical ambience (including safety and security) for imparting cutting edge learning interventions by proactive, timely and appropriate maintenance and upkeep of the Global Corporate University of the Aditya Birla Group - Gyanodaya and its related facilities.  The incumbent is also responsible for safe and conducive environment for employees, faculty, participants etc.

Job Context and Major Challenges :

Context: Gyanodaya: The Aditya Birla Institute of Management Learning - An ISO certified organisation is the Corporate University of the Aditya Birla Group established on January 29, 2000. Constantly reaching out and spreading the culture of learning, Gyanodaya is conceived as a one-stop learning solution provider, which helps various businesses meet their knowledge requirements and promotes a culture of self-learning.  A new infrastructure having about 80,000 sq feet will be built in the next 3 years.

Gyanodaya has been recognized with the Gold Award as the Best Corporate University – Culture and Brand in the Global CCU Award 2017.

Gyanodaya is the most preferred venue among the employees for receiving learning inputs. It has the reputation for being well maintained, spick and span, serene and hospitable learning center. It is continued to be visited by almost every ABG leader, many leading & well known dignitaries and faculties.  It has the reputation of providing personalized attention and hospitality to each and every participant.

In light of the above, the key challenges include:

1.    Ensuring the entire Learning Center (both existing and new) continues to remain well maintained and have appropriate ambience at all times.

2.   Ensure optimum utilization of the combined premises by proper scheduling of learning events. This includes training rooms, residential rooms and break out rooms.

3.   Collaborate with all the Program Directors and contribute to the overall learning experience of the participants by ensuring smooth operations for all the learning events.

4.  Provide personalized attention to the different dignitaries, faculties and other stakeholders.

5.  Act seamlessly with all the internal stakeholders by understanding and aligning with Aditya Birla Group’s ethos and culture along with influencing them without authority.

6.   Liaison with relevant and appropriate external stakeholders.

7. Identifying vendors and negotiating with them for delivering goods and services at competitive rates.

8. Maintain relationships with existing vendors and service providers and ensure they continue to provide timely and effective services.

9.   Bring new ideas & thoughts to enhance learning experience, improving the efficiency, safety and security standards of Gyanodaya and implement them (post approval from the respective stakeholders). 

Key Result Areas/Accountabilities :

A. Preparing annual budgets, tracking and monitoring them on a periodic basis.

Supporting Actions :

1.      Preparing the annual budget for Gyanodaya’s maintenance, housekeeping, security and cafeteria by seeking inputs from the relevant stakeholders

2.      Co-ordinate with ABMCPL accounts team (if necessary) to ensure the payments are made to the vendors as per agreed timelines.

3.      Regular tracking and monitoring of the budget allocated Vs utilised on a periodic basis. Proactively highlight deviations, discuss the corrective steps to be taken with the relevant stakeholders and implement them.

4.      Regularly keep track of the guidelines issued by ABMCPL and ensure they are adhered to. 

BEnsure proper upkeep / maintenance including safety / security and all legal records of the facility.

1.     Create and define standards of excellence (for facility management) that is to be adhered.

2.     Ensure the entire facility (both new and existing) is kept spick and span at all times (by following the adopted standards) along with the proper functioning of all utilities, electrical appliances.

3.  Prepare a maintenance schedule after taking into consideration the program schedule. Ensure no programs are impacted because of maintenance schedules.

4.    Ensure all the staff (cafeteria, housekeeping, security, maintenance etc) are properly and regularly trained in the safety / security procedures and they are adhered to at all times.

5.  Scout for appropriate vendors, negotiate rates and appoint them by adhering to all the prescribed guidelines. Reach out / work seamlessly with the other admin teams (e.g. ABC, Worli) for identifying and appointing different vendors.

6.   Ensure all the vendors (appointed at Gyanodaya) comply with all the legal requirements. Conduct periodic and surprise audits, communicate the gaps and ensure compliance within stipulated time frame.

7.   Arrange for various audits to be conducted e.g. electrical, fire and safety, IT security, AV equipments etc by different agencies.

8. Ensure all the legal records related to Gyanodaya are properly documented and filed to ensure easy retrieval at all times.

9. Ensure appropriate actions have been taken for insurance against different types of risks. 

10.  Build and develop network / intelligence for initiating proactive security measures. 

CEnsure appropriate class rooms are provided for conducting programs.

Supporting Action :

1.  Ensure all the training rooms are ready to be allocated before the commencement of a program

2.    Understand the infrastructure and logistics requirements e.g. seating arrangements, program material etc from the concerned Program Director / Faculty

3.    Inform the house keeping about the set up required for the program and ensure the class room is set up as per requirements.

     4.   Take regular feedback from the stakeholders and incorporate changes, if any. 

D. Ensure appropriate distribution of residential rooms to the participants.

Supporting Action : 

1.   Ensure all the residential rooms are ready to be allocated before the commencement of a program

2.    Ensure the participants are allocated appropriate residential rooms in Gyanodaya by following the prevailing norms. Make stay arrangements in nearby hotels (when the residential rooms in Gyanodaya are not available).

3.    Ensure individual preferences, if any, are factored in, before allocating the rooms

     4.     Refer to the infrastructure feedback and take appropriate actions.

EEnsure all the dietary requirements of the participants are taken care of

Supporting Action 

1.  Prepare a weekly menu – taking into consideration the type of programs, participants etc. in consultation with the cafeteria staff.

2.  Ensure special dietary requirements of any participant is taken care of

3.  Ensure all the dietary requirements are provided as per the time lines indicated by the respective Program Directors / Program Managers

      4. Take regular feedback from the participants / faculty, refer to the feedback form     and take appropriate action (wherever necessary).

F.  Provide logistics and infrastructure support for all the G Cal and Infra programs held at Gyanodaya.

Supporting Action 

1.  Ensure the logistics and infrastructure requirements for all the programs are well understood from the respective program director / program co-ordinators and provided in time.

2.  Make arrangements for the pick up and drop of the faculty

3.  Ensure the travel tickets are made through the travel portal for faculty

4.   Regularly interact with the program directors / program co-ordinators (before and during the program) to ensure all their requirements have been taken care of.

5.    Proactively interact with the participants / faculty to gather impromptu feedback on the ambience, food, nature of arrangements made for the program etc.

6.    Always be available on the call (especially during the days when the learning event is going on).

   7. Initiate and manage proactive tie ups e.g. with hospitals for medical emergencies, with Topsline for other type of emergencies.

G. Procurement, Vendor Management and Liaison

Supporting Action 

1. Create a process note for procurement of goods and services at Gyanodaya and get it approved from the relevant stakeholders.

2. Identify and develop new vendors.

3.  Ensure all the vendors who are appointed, follow all the statutory laws as prevailing from time to time

4. Ensure the vendor’s representatives adhere to all the safety standards while working in the premises of Gyanodaya.

5. Ensure all the vendors adhere to the TAT / SLAs

6. Conduct surprise checks / audits to ensure relevant standards / processes are regularly adhered to

   7. Regularly liaison with appropriate government and local authorities e.g.    NMMC, CIDCO etc


Qualifications : MA (HRM & LR)

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.