Team Member Talent Management & OE

Updated: September 22, 2017
Organization: Chemicals HO

Job Description:

Key Result Areas  

Supporting Actions

To ensure successful Talent Management rollout across business and contribute towards various TM related processes and activities

·         Ensure participation and 100% coverage under Potential Assessment

·         Create awareness and conduct sessions on Talent Management and Potential assessment

·         Coordination for Development and Assessment Centre (DAC) nomination with Units and for participation with Units and DAC consultants

·         Monitor and support the creation of Individual Development Plans for all Talent Pool members ensuring both timeliness and quality

·         Regular review of IDP implementation by continuous coordination with Unit HR and Talent Pool members

·         Ensure 100% updation of Talent Management Module on Poornata (HRMS)

Support in ensuring development of Talent Pool employees in the business


·         Support in ensuring the development plans of the Talent Pool employees are implemented as per agreed timelines

·         Review the effectiveness of the development plans regularly with the manager and other stakeholders

Tracking/Monitoring & Communication of TM processes

·         Support in calendarisation of all TM processes

·         Support in Communication of TM framework, philosophy, processes etc to all key stakeholders/units/unit HR

·         Support in implementation of the ongoing TM processes

·         Tracking/monitoring and auditing processes at regular intervals

·         Provide regular feedback and inputs from Units to BCOE

Special projects and Ongoing support
to units and Group HR

·         Support required relating to any other projects to be rolled out, specific to TM,
as per requirement,

·         Developing a platform for regular knowledge sharing and communication

Organisational Effectiveness

·         Support in implementing policies and processes pertaining to OE (Organizational structuring, development, culture, employee surveys (Vibes, great place to work), Group Values, Code of Conduct, EVP, Quality of Life, Wellness etc) and cascading information within the businesses and units

·         Auditing of level of data completion by all units, regular interface, monitoring plans.

·         Support to roll out Group wide OE initiatives in businesses

This position has to support  to fulfill planned activities as per the HR strategy, considering the following challenges-

·         Support in ensuring seamless, consistent and accurate two way communication and implementation between multiple portfolios at the corporate level on one hand, and multiple units across India and Thailand on the other hand (11 manufacturing locations of Chemicals Business, 2 units of the Insulators Business, 1 Unit of the Fertilizers Business and 5 overseas Unit)

·         The high priority issues of Chemicals, Insulators and Fertilizers usually unique to each business and often have to be addressed simultaneously

·         The Chemicals Business involves domestic and a significant overseas component and therefore the dynamics and challenges will be different from other businesses

·         Acceptability of new initiatives that are to be rolled out across businesses with the units can be a challenge depending on the cultural context and employee perceptions in each unit.

·         The Chemicals domestic & overseas business which has grown 2.5 times in the last 5 years is stated to grow rapidly even further through brownfield acquisitions and new business initiatives. Developing leadership talent at all levels will be a major challenge.

·         Managing coordination of multiple assignments and processes and keep an overview of ongoing portfolio timelines, tracking completion and pointing out overlaps/gaps


Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.