FLE Quality M3 & M1

Updated: November 30, -0001
Organization: Hindalco Mouda

Job Description:


Job Description


Metal HO


Hindalco Mouda


Village Dahali- Nagpur

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FLE- Quality M3 & M1

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Quality Control  , R& D

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Quality Control  , R& D


Quality Control  , R& D

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Quality Control  , R& D

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1)Job Purpose

1. Improve capability & reliability of all the processes of Cold rolling mill, Roll Grinding & Slitting
2. Analysis of quality issues, Internal rejection and repeated down time data and major failure to improve the processes.
3. Analysis of data on the deviation in quality with respect to raw material, finish product and to formulate the corrective action.
4. To execute, monitor & standardize process parameters for new product as per Business Plan.


2) Dimensions

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Other Quantitative and important parameters for the Job: Budgets/Volumes/ No. of Products/ Geography/Markets/Customers or any other parameter


3) Job Context & Major Challenges

Major Challenges –
1) To establish process parameter of Cold rolling mills to produce right quality of foilstock and achieve maximum productivity
2) To establish & monitor homo & internal annealing cycle to get the right properties of Foil stock for foil rolling.
3 ) To establish process parameter for slitting line & roll grinding to get right quality of output     
4)To establish the Multi skill and Multi function working environment on shop floor through on job training to freshly recruit. 
5) Plant certification & qualification to supply market leader from Food and Pharmaceutical industries like PMI, ITC, Tetrapack ect.     
6) To implement & establish management systems -  QMS & EMS
7) To establish monitoring systems like Failure mode and effect analysis ,root cause analysis for early detection & correction of variance from set targets of Volume, Cost, Energy and Customer satisfaction.

Job Context
1)Unit is producing foil products food and phrama customers. High quality foil required good quality of Foil stock from Cold rolling mill also Grinding practices are very critical to produce quality foil. 
2)New product range caters high end customers of Food and pharmaceutical industries and need very high standard of Rolling at CRM 
3)To compete in highly competitive Goble market process engineer job is very critical to standardize and monitor process to achieve benchmark quality product.  
4)He is driving the improvement cycle through Statistical process control. Data analysis & Brain Storming in the team to evolve the corrective action.

4) Key Result Areas/ Accountabilities



Supporting Actions




Supporting Actions



Process Control :
Control and maintain the process for effective utilization and have innovation for best Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Productivity.

• Daily Monitoring
• Root Cause Analysis
• Preventive Action
• Internal Audit
• Internal Customer Survey

Process Monitoring :
Monitoring and measurement of process capabilities

• Implement various tools of internal audit like product analysis, process analysis, failure mode and effect analysis

Customer Satisfaction

• Measurement & Improvement of Internal & External customer satisfaction

To analyze data on the deviation of quality and to suggest the remedial action.

• Collect data relevant to analysis
• Use various quality tools to improve.

To implement the action plan for continual improvement

 To identifying the areas for process improvement.
•  Execute the plan on the different processes.
•  To work closely with HIC Taloja to carryout improvement project.

 Implement ISO 9000:2008 / 14001/,

• Monitor timely implementation of WCM practices at the work place
•  Ensure 100% compliance to ISO 9000: 2008 / 14001,  standards.

WCM, OHSAS, Safety standard / practices at work place

•  Internal audit at regular interval.
•  Up gradation of existing documents as per improvement in the process.
•  Strong follow-up with concern agencies.
•  To follow the safety norms & practice good housekeeping.


•  To coordinate for KNOW YOUR PROCESS training for staff and workmen.
•  To work along with other stream member to improve skill matrix for workmen and staff.

5) Job Purpose of Direct Reports

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Foil Mill

SCM. Dept.

Electrical Dept., Mechanical Dept.








To give feedback on input stock

To get the feedback on
Foil stock
To discus the requirement of the customer.
As & when required

To implement various training of workman.





Interaction with the marketing Dept. for customer feedback



Meeting with marketing Persons.

HIC- Taloja



To review development project.


As & when required


To understand customer requirement.

All Dept.




Govt. Officers



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