Head - Linen Club Apparels

Updated: January 09, 2018
Organization: Jayashree Textiles

Job Description:
Job Purpose:
To oversee and execute successful launch of Linen Ready-made Garment in line with the Business Vision. Additionally devise, plan, direct and implement long term sales and marketing strategies in domestic markets and ensure sustainable profitable growth.

Job Context & Major Challenges:
Over the years, Linen Club has evolved in a prominent brand in the domestic linen fabric market with a market share of 70%, a leadership position it has been able to sustain over the years. In an endeavour to expand the product offering to the customer, a new line of business – linen ready-made garments is being ventured into.

Understand the ready-made garment customer, the buy process, the role of retailer, variances in preferences based on demographic factor.

Leverage and expand the existing network of partners to launch linen ready-made garment. Undertake sales and marketing oriented activities to make Linen Club Studio a preferred linen garment brand with customer and build strong and enduring relationship with retailers.

Continuously enrich product mix through New Product / Design Development for expanding the customer base and profitable growth. Benchmark Linen Club Studio’s offering with that of the competitors.

Create Rs.100 Crore ready-made garment brand in the domestic market against the growing competition from organised and un-organised sector in 3 years.

Key Accountabilities:


Supporting Actions

To plant, execute and oversee the successful launch of Linen Club Studio RMG in the market

-       To define market potential, define target customer and lay-out market entry strategy for RMG business.

-       To carry out or oversee relevant market research activities aimed at better understanding of customer behavior before, during and after process of buying

-       To initiate relationship building with channel partners such as agents, distributors and retailers.

-       To define parameters of success for the launch and apply learnings eventual launch of Linen Club RMG.

To devise long-term strategic plan and budget for RMG Business.

-       Articulate the vision & devise the long-term strategy for Linen RMG Business (after analyzing market and competition).

-       The alignment of the vision with the team.

-       To decide and the focus on the strategic market mix for profitable growth.

-       Conceptualize the product and quality mix, taking into account the market growth & competition in products.

-       Assess expected yearly growth (in line with market growth)

-       Identify the Channel Partners needed for the business and ensure timely tie-ups are built with them.

Identify key success factors and establish reasonably stretched business (financial and operational) targets for profitable growth

-       Translate business growth plans into clear and stretched sales targets and ensure that sales & marketing teams KRAs are oriented to achieve those.

-       Yearly sales target to be divided into month wise -segment wise sales target.

-       Ensure proper communication of the above in the team and obtain a buy-in for the same.

-       Build dashboard to monitor segment wise/ product wise/ month-wise performances.

To develop the robust Marketing Channel / Distributors / Franchise etc.

-       Manage supply chain and develop marketing channels / distributor / franchise / customer servicing centers / visual merchandising based on the behavior and the requirements of the end consumers.

-       Create strong bonding of channel partners for the brand & company, thru high service level and support.

-       Use the channel to increase the presence and reach of Linen RMG

-       Engage potential franchisee for setting up Linen Club Studio exclusive retail outlets.

Management of Working Capital with an objective of having negative working capital.

-       Planning and setting the targets for the inventory, receivables and the payables number of days and to ensure strict adherence to that.

Enriching Product Mix through continuous New Product development and formulating marketing plan for the same.

-       Pro-active product development

-       Monitoring customer’s feedback to support product development process.

-       Launching new products into markets

-       Developing new markets for extending reach and customer’s base

Formulating branding strategy to make Linen Club Studio the most preferred and admired brand.

-       To brief and engage agency for market research for understanding of the buyer’s behavior and the brand persona.

-       Interaction with ad / research agency and  formulating the strategy for the campaign

-       Deciding the media-mix for advertisement campaign and advertorials.

-       Plan Road Shows to improve awareness and to boost channel sales.

To develop robust marketing structure capable of dealing with the ambitious growth challenges.

-       To keep the team well aligned with the business mission and vision.

-       To keep the team motivated and enthusiastic in the dynamic marketing environment.

-       To arrange training for the team for sharpening the skills.

Linen Club Accessories

-       To plan, execute and oversee the successful launch of Linen Club accessories in the market


-       To plan, execute and oversee successful foray of Linen Club (fabric, apparel, ready-to-wear)

Will be assisted by a team of RSMs and ASMs (5-6), which may increase with increasing business. 

Must have very strong experience in Southern markets

Minimum Experience Level:
9 - 12 Years

Report to:
Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.