Updated: July 25, 2018

Job Description:

Job Purpose: The job holder is responsible to Operate, monitor, implement and control production activities with safety, quality and cost controls to achieve production targets through operation of Chlorine Drying tower, Chlorine compressors, Chlorine liquefier, Chlorine storages, Hypo Plant and HCl plant in the shift.

Major Challenges:

  1. Safe handling and storage of hazardous products like liquid chlorine, HCl , caustic & hypo are major challenge.
  2. High Number of Plant tripping due high number of power failures requires utmost attention towards Hypo plant.
  3. Close monitoring of pollution norms of outgoing streams i.e. air, liquid effluent etc .
  4. To maintain trouble free operation of all equipment's to achieve zero break down.
  5. Zero Chlorine gas leakage to atmosphere.


Plant Operations
To Implement smooth operation of   chlorine section in shift.
  • To implement maintenance of all the process parameters of Cl2 plant and Hypo plant in coordination with shift Incharge & DCS associate.
  • coordinating maintenance of all the equipment's to identify leakages and taking corrective actions in shift.
  • To maintain proper coordination with   all section’s associates and shift in charge in plant for load variation and for smooth operation of the plant.
  • To implement plant operation as per SOP & maintain plant start up and stoppage as per checklist
  • To maintain close watch on raw material quality & quantity in the shift.
Product Quality
To maintain % of moisture in Chlorine within norms as to meet customer’s requirement in shift.
  • To maintain  process and quality parameters strictly
  • To maintain process parameters Like 98% sulphuric acid flow rate in drying tower, Chlorine temperature etc to meet customer’s quality requirements.
  • To switchover quickly parameters during load variations to ensure product quality.
Plant Availability
To maintain optimum chlorine plant availability for achieving targets in shift.
  • To maintain basic condition of equipments
  • Plant operation as per SOP
  • Adopting WCM & Visual management while shift operation.
  • To coordinate the plant maintenance jobs with least loss of production and power
  • Coordinate with maintenance department to carry out all scheduled maintenance activities in chlorine section.
Cost control
  • Control cost of production to achieve production within budgeted cost in chlorine plant.
  • Stringent control on process parameters
  • By running equipments at optimal value.
  • Losses identification and their control.
  • Stop idle running of equipments
  • Saving through kaizen and innovation.
Energy Conservation
To implement the energy conservation schemes to reduce cost optimum Energy Consumption while shift operation in chlorine section.
  • To operate on optimum auxiliary power consumption.
  • Maintain setting of all VFD’s at optimum level.
  • Operation of various energy saving schemes in coordination with shift in charge.
System Management
  • Implementation of IMS, WCM procedures and systems like ISO, TQM, TPM etc in chlorine section.
  • Implementation of IMS & WCM practices & other systems in the plant
  • To implement compliance of all the NCR’s generated from various system audits
Safety Health & Environment
To implement chlorine plant safely during shift operation.
  • To maintain all safety parameters strictly for protection of life and property
  • Strict compliance of safety appliance.
  • Maintain equipment safety
  • Taking corrective actions on environmental parameters and regularly monitoring the results.
  • To maintain process systems having zero effluent and zero accident.
  • Strictly adhering to OHSAS&SA 8000 systems.
  • Response to emergency release/ chemicals- Chlorine Gas.
Internal and External customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of Identified internal and external customer needs and timely fulfillment of their  requirements
  • Final product dispatch as per customer requirement

BE/ B.Tech in Chemical Engineering with relevant experience in the field of Chlor Alkali.

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Senior Manager

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.