AM / DM - Process

Updated: February 07, 2018
Organization: Birla Cellulosic

Job Description:


1. Prepare process flow diagrams, process description, mass & energy balance, utilities load, process control philosophy for the process and equipment, P&IDs etc for the process section assigned.

2. To work closely with the external engineering firm in developing the detailed engineering.

3. Work with the vendor & technology experts to ensure mitigation of these risks through appropriate safety measures in the equipment design.

4. Define the performance specifications for each equipment in measureable terms

5. To develop start-up protocol for each equipment and process section

6. To define and document standard operating procedures including emergency shutdown procedures for each equipment

7. To conduct appropriate dry and wet runs for testing of equipment before plant start-up. Define criteria for clearance for the start-up

8. Ensure smooth start-up and ramp up to the design capacity

9. Provide training to shift engineers and operators so that they are capable to independently operate, control and troubleshoot.

BE / ME Chemical with 8-12 years experience.

Experience in process industry operation and /or project.

Knowledge of polymer based process manufacturing.

Minimum Experience Level:
9 - 12 Years

Report to:
Assistant Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.