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Updated: January 09, 2018
Organization: Global R&T

Job Description:

We are currently seeking a Senior Lubrication Technologist/ Engineer to join our team at Novelis Global Research and Technology Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. The incumbent will be part of the Surface Science Group, working in collaboration with physical/ process metallurgy and applied engineering groups to develop leading-edge product and process technologies in current and emerging markets for Novelis Inc. With world-class people and state-of-the-art facilities, the center plays a leading role in developing advanced materials and innovative technologies supporting Novelis customers and manufacturing plants.

The Senior Lubrication Technologist/ Engineer will be a key contributor to various research and development projects focused on advanced aluminum products for the automotive, transportation, packaging, architectural, consumer electronics and specialty markets. The role will be focused on laboratory testing of surfaces and lubricants to resolve tribology and lubrication issues in support of Novelis customers and manufacturing plants. To achieve this, the incumbent will be required to use a wide range of laboratory methods and techniques to analyze and characterize lubricants and their tribological performance in metal working processes including hot and cold rolling, coil-to-coil finishing processes,  and sheet metal forming of fabricated products. In collaboration with manufacturing and commercial teams, the responsibilities of the Senior Lubrication Technologist/ Engineer include the following:

·        Work as a member of cross-functional teams involving engineering, manufacturing and commercial disciplines to identify innovative new products and processes.

·        Work in collaboration with engineers and manufacturing personnel on identifying solutions to tribology and lubrication  needs and improving surface quality of customer and Novelis products, by driving root cause analysis initiatives, interpreting data, presenting results and making positive recommendations.  

·        Develop new tribology and lubrication testing methods to  improve product quality   in customer and Novelis plants and to support development of energy-efficient cars, transportation equipment, and packaging solutions for current and future customers.

·        Utilize conventional and advanced analytical and laboratory techniques such as viscosity and rheology measurements, testing of materials used in lubricant filtration, application and measurement of lubricants on sheet metal surfaces, contact angle and surface tension measurements, and tribological testing of lubricants.

·        As a member of a large multi-disciplinary team of technologists, engineers and scientists, the incumbent will be required to support laboratory management initiatives related to EHS, 6S, LIMS, ISO and other quality implementation efforts.


·         Bachelor's degree in chemical or physical sciences, chemical engineering or other relevant disciplines.

·         At least 5 years hands-on laboratory experience, working as a Lubrication Technologist/ Engineer or Tribology  Researcher in an R&D or manufacturing environment.

·         Broad experience in the use of laboratory testing tools for evaluation of lubricants’ physical and chemical properties, viscosity and rheology studies and lubricant filtration processes.

·         Experience in simulating tribological performance of lubricants in laboratory and pilot testing facilities.

·         Experience in evaluating oxidation, emulsion stability, corrosion inhibition and anti-wear properties of lubricants in metal-working processes is not necessary but is considered a strong asset.

·         Experience in using laboratory testing tools such as GC, GCMS, HPLC, GPC and other chromatography methods is not necessary but is considered a strong asset. 

·         Strong problem solving skills and ability to design testing experiments, collect, analyze and present the results proactively with minimal supervision is highly desired.

·         Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, and proficiency with computers and their application to collect, store and analyze data and images.

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