SH Mechanical Maintenance

Updated: June 26, 2018

Job Description:
To plan coordinate and carry out maintenance activities of Cast house equipment Extrusion presses 1250T & 3300 T Die shop equipment Heat treatment furnaces Material handling equipment Post extrusion ware house & Sewage treatment and to plan for continual improvement redesigning systems and practices to maximise availability and enhance reliability of plant and equipment with in budgeted cost and to plan and implement maintenance of Utilities including colonies water pumping stations water treatment plant and estates & other infrastructural facilities including plant & building and to execute all capital expenditure projects keeping the overall project cost and time within budget and to Coordinate WCM activities and Integrated Management System ISO 9001ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 of the Mechanical maintenance department for the overall manufacturing excellence .To Plan and implement effective spare parts management system in coordination with materials department.-Plan coordinate and implement maintenance activities to maximise availability of plant / equipment / machineries at minimal cost.-HRM SUPPORT ACTIVITIES AND DISCIPLINE-R & M Cost-Spare parts management-Statutory requirements-PRODUCT QUALITY-PROJECTS / DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES-IMS SYSTEM UPKEEP-CONTRACT WORK MANAGEMENT-SAFETY
B Tech Mechanical with 3 - 6 years experience

Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Deputy General Manager

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