Manager PD - Autocomp & Infrastructure (Epoxy Division)

Job Description:

Principal Accountabilities


Supporting Actions

Synthesis & Formulation Development

Ensure the development of high quality specialty products meeting the local & global customer requirements. Extend support to the formulation development to better understand the physical attributes of the designed products towards civil & coating application.







Ø  Carry out patent and literature search to update with the recent developments & technologies and design the products for future demands.

Ø Implement new process and methodologies to achieve the product performance. Consultation from FH & DH when required.

Ø Planning and prioritize the developmental works.

Ø Regular supervision of the lab development work while interacting with officers on day to day basis. Review the progress once in a week and update to Dept head.

Ø Support and coordinate with Dept Head for resource mobilization to optimum extent.

Ø Update on new & potential additives towards formulation development.

Ø To provide support while investigating customer complaints and implement trough prompt technical services.

Ø Co-ordinate with analytical teams for method development as and when required.

Process Development and Scale up Operations

To support all product and process developments from lab to pilot scale








Ø Support in close monitoring of process and quality parameters. Maintain the documents related to method & process development. Coordinate with the scale up team in order to transfer the technology from lab to pilot scale. 

Ø Support DH to monitor progress on R&D and further line up with production through regular meetings.

Ø Delegate down the line to prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while considering safety precautions for scale-up activity.

Ø Participate in meetings with production team to better support on R&D process related activities.

Support QA for Raw Materials Quality & Specification 


Ensure quality of procured raw materials are in specification

Ø Co-ordinate with Purchase and QA team to ensure received raw materials are in compliance with quality norms.

Ø To look for alternate raw material source in connection with purchase team to ensure uninterrupted production schedules.

Intellectual Property (IP)  generation


Ensure novel method and processes are subjected for IP generation.

Ø To review all product and process developments with DH to find opportunities for IP generation.

Ø To undergo the training programs related to IP.

Support in Planning, Budgeting & Cost Control

To support in budgeting and cost control in compliance to development activities.

Ø Support FH/DH in preparing annual budget in alignment with various R & D activities.

Ø To support FH/DH in maintaining R&D expenditure for effective cost control.

Ø Identify potential cost saving areas.

Ø To support in monitoring specialty materials inventory and take steps for effective control.


Support to System Management

To support in implementing WCM procedures and systems like ISO, TQM, and TPM etc.



Ø Support WCM practices & other systems

Ø Implement audit reports and plan for improvement and carry out implementation.

Safe & Healthy Working Environment 


To foster a safe and healthy work environment free from any hazards and complying with all statutory requirements related to safety, health and environment.






Ø Occupational health and safety procedures must be implemented thoroughly at the work area and ensure people are in compliance to safety norms and policies.

Ø Ensure that tools, equipment and machinery are in safe place and operate properly. Provide employees with the information, instruction and training they need to do their job safely.

Ø Regular monitoring and consulting with the employees about health and safety at work place. Ensure that all the employees at work place undergone safety training programs.

Ø Safe working practices should also be reviewed and emphasized with all employees on a regular and on-going basis.

Ø Implement effective lab practices and methods to improve safety. Development of working cultures in a direction which supports health and safety at work.

Ø Conduct risk assessments of all the activities conducted in the lab and take preventive measures.

People Development

Engage in people development program to build and sustain high talent within the group. To create a conducive working environment by effective people management.

Ø Ensure that people are clear about their roles and responsibilities while providing a clear and comprehensive induction program. Identify different skill sets of the people and set KRAs. Needs to prioritize the organizational objectives.

Ø Provide special training and development programs to help them become more effective, and take on bigger and more significant challenges.

Ø Track and manage team competencies related to personal and organizational needs.

Ø Identify the gaps and recommend for the training programs both personal and technical development while consulting with DH and HR.

Ø Co-ordinate with HR and DH for monitoring the development of subordinates.

Ø Encourage people with reward and recognition.


MTech / PHD (Polymers / Paint Technology)

Minimum Experience Level:
6 - 8 Years

Report to:
Team Leader - Autocomp & Infrastructure (Epoxy Div

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.