Updated: April 02, 2018

Job Description:
Job Purpose
To plan, ensure and review both the operations of Phosphoric acid manufacturing & caustic soda manufacturing (from Quality aspect)at site in integration with other  common function (like PA operation  ,CS operation ,Commercial, Corporate sales team, Safety, HR etc) to meet the budgeted targets while ensuring all statutory and necessary SHE compliance.
Job Context and Major Challenges
Phosphoric acid process:
Phosphoric acid by using IMI process is an unique process itself which has the so many of limitations as it is a very sophisticated process & highly sensitive process.
In India we are the oldest manufacturer of technical grade phosphoric acid & having the market share of around 40 % .
Apart from technical grade phosphoric acid we have also facility to produce  food grade phosphoric acid.
Our phosphoric acid manufacturing process not only generates valuable money from the market but also helps our caustic plant to run continuously as HCl is the major raw material for our phosphoric acid manufacturing process .Hence this process helps itself to generate fund as well as helps to grow caustic plant.
By looking the present demand of phosphoric acid & that too particularly in food grade segment we are going to expand this present capacity of food grade plant &also in a new method which is having very much energy saving approach.
Caustic soda process :
We are Manufacturing Caustic soda by latest engineering of membrane technology. This process helps to produce eco friendly caustic soda & its byproduct as HCl ,sodium hypo & liquid Cl2. In our plant we are manufacturing 2 different grades of HCl to meet the market demand namely 32% & 37%. For producing 37 %HCl we have to follow very sophisticated operation as HCl concentration in normal condition cannot be more than 32 %.
It is the principal product of our unit & gives the major share of profit margin.
Major Challenges:
In Phos acid process:
  1. In view of very stringent process of phosphoric acid (IMI process) the rock phosphate quality inspection is very important .With a slight change in impurities & purity profile it affect a great deal of difficulties to the process.
  2. Currently evaluation of new source of amyl alcohol is the major challenges to us.
  3. As we are using nearly 80 % non virgin grade HCl from different source, so the strict vigilant to the quality of HCl is very much required.(particularly the level of organic matter)
  4. Hydrate lime is used for the effluent treatment process As it is directly related to the quantity of sludge generation & reliability of process equipment, the impurity profile inspection is very much required to provide a healthy eco environmental system to the phos acid process.
  5. Due to the heavy competition of phosphoric acid in the market, customer requires a high standard of phosphoric acid in every aspect & to deliver the same standard all time is the major challenge to our phos acid business.
  6. To enhance the business further we have to capitalise the opportunities of all scope of new product development.
    In caustic soda process
  1. The quality of industrial grade salt is directly related to the economy of the process & also related to the equipment, so continuous inspection of the salt quality is required.
  2. Maintaining the purity of special grade HCl at 37 % is a major challenge to us.
  3. New method development is highly required to dispose the depleted brine in view of providing good economy to the caustic soda process.
  4. Fulfilling the special requirement of the customer in the product quality cum impurities profile  is the major risk .(M/S-Syngenta requires 25% caustic & 32 % HCl for direct use in their process)
    Since we are using imported coal of different source there is a threat to our coal  fired boiler operation. So regular checking of coal quality is required to ensure the good and optimum operation of boiler.

Principal accountabilities

 Planning and budgeting
Timely Delivery
Reliability of assets
Safety Health and Environment
People Development
Corporate Initiatives
New method process product and Development
Customer Satisfaction


M.Sc with relevant experience in Chemical Industry

Experience=10-15 Yrs

Minimum Experience Level:

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