SH Medical Services

Updated: January 09, 2018
Organization: Aditya Aluminium

Job Description:

1.    Prepare programme for Employees health (promotive, curative and preventive) and execute it.

2.    Manage dispensary activities with available resources

       3.Liaison with specialists of V.S.S. Medical College Hospital, Burla and District HQ Hospital, Sambalpur to expedite referred cases.

4.    Ensure Promotive, Preventive & curative Health care of dependants of all employees under company medical coverage.

5.    Conduct Organization of Health camps for nearby villages.

6.    Conduct Health education & First aid training to colony ladies.7.    Conduct Health awareness programme for nearby community

8.    Ensure OHSAS-18001, statutory requirement related to medical department.9.    Conduct Health education & First-aid training to employees.

10.  Monitoring & suggesting improvement of hygiene in work place.

11.  Conduct Organization of Industrial Hygiene study

12.  Plan and execute Occupational Health Check up of employees (Regular & Contractor).

13.  Perform Special Health Examination of exposed group. 

       14.  Plan and execute Disease screening of employees through annual blood and urine examination & periodical medical examination.

15.  Supervise Preparation, storage & periodical distribution of first aid materials to all departments.16.  Provide Primary healthcare on the spot, referral, Tertiary healthcare & rehabilitation of victims of incidents in the complex.



Minimum Experience Level:

Report to:
Assistant Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.