Senior Manager - Beans & Pulses - Canada

Job Description:
1. To help Product Head in formulation and implementation of strategic and annual business plan of Beans & Pulses pertaining to Canada operation. 2. To help Product Head in procurement of Beans & Pulses and in achievement of business volume turnover and profit of Canada operations.3. To collect sourcing and market intelligence and provide timely feedback and reports to help in taking decision to achieve business objective. 4. To help in expansion of sourcing base by developing reliable suppliers as per SOP guidelines and record the same systematically in company records.5. To coordinate internally and externally for smooth functioning and strengthening of the procurement operations and to provide proactive market information on supply chain related information like Weather pattern Crop Area Crop size local prices competitor activities etc.6. To adhere to all statutory and internal compliances.7. To help Product Head in managing the import process for various products and marketing the imported products profitably in Canada.-Accountability
Post graduate

Minimum Experience Level:
11 - 15 Years

Report to:
Senior Vice President

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted.